A Poly Life

I’ve started a new blog as an aside to this one, where I can talk about things other than sex…probably sex will be talked about as well, but that space will be more thoughts/musings on life & relationship, as well as daily stuff that I can’t or don’t want to share here, things about being poly, about being a woman in multiple relationships, about being a mother and a friend and a lover and a partner, and oh, you know, algebra. And running.  And my kids.  Oh, and the owner of a neurotic dog.  Daily life stuff, you know? It’s a work-in-progress, just like my life, and honestly I do not know where the separation/overlap will be, but I know there are things sometimes that I just want to share/say that don’t feel right to say here, so…we’ll give this a try.  Feel free to hop on over there on occasion if you like…I’d love to see some of you there!  My new space is http://apolylife.wordpress.com/.

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