You don't always know…

…how a thing is going to end when it starts.

It started out as a “practice” session.  We were planning a party to celebrate the end of my math class, and one of the party “games” was that I was going to be tied in the cage so that I had to answer a series of math questions asked by the party-goers–my “final exam”–in order to be released. As part of the planning W wanted to put me in the cage to see how I’d deal with the stresses involved, and how long we might realistically expect me to manage the position.

I, of course, assumed that a) “practice” meant “oh I can get out whenever I feel like it,” and b) he wouldn’t actually be the Mean Guy I know and love (to hate) and do anything, well, mean to me.

Boy was I wrong.

It started out like this...
...and ended up like this.

In between…

...there was this...
...and this...
...and a lot of this.

You can see the whole story on Bondage Demons. Just click on “What’s New” and “You Don’t Always Know” to see the rest (you don’t have to be a member to view.)


  1. Kara says:

    VERY HOT Jade!! Haven’t done any cage play before. How long were you in there????? Hope you had fun…Kara XOXO

  2. W says:

    She was in the cage over an hour, perhaps two.

  3. Kara says:

    That must have been pretty intense especially since she was tied in it and not free to move around. You must have had a great time. Thanks for the response :)

  4. DominaDoll says:

    Nice cage! What a predicament :) Great photos…

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