The things I do

We all know by now that W is in a galaxy far, far away–

Okay, that’s not precisely true. He’s just in Florida, but he’s been there forever, and he’s never coming back–

All right already, that’s not precisely true either. He’s only (only??) been there 3 weeks, and he’ll be home briefly on Sunday. Still. It feels like he’s in another galaxy (and maybe it can even be argued that Florida is a different planet) and yes, I miss him terribly.

I miss being able to just stop by his house after work. I miss making plans for a sleepover. I miss putting clothes in the car just in case…

I miss his hands on me, his voice in my ear, his mouth covering mine, his rope on my limbs, the way his body shudders as he comes inside me.

I miss–

Oh wait, this wasn’t going to be another lament. This was going to be a complaint.

What?!? Me, complain? Why yes, I do, occasionally.

And my chief complaint, right this moment, is that I have a 2 inch buttplug in my ass, and have had it in since 9am this morning–at work–while I wait for W to come online and answer my email telling me I can take it out–and he hasn’t done so!!!

At least it’s glass, so it’s not all sticky and stuff.  I wish it was my steel Pure Plug, though, since the neck is kind of wide on the glass plug and it’s, ummm, a trifle uncomfy after all this time.

Where, oh where has my W gone (sung to the tune of “Where oh where has my little dog gone…”) ~giggle~ (It must be causing some kind of brain…hehe I was going to say “fart” but, umm, no, I won’t go there…)

It IS kind of pretty though, isn’t it?

Think I’ll have to wear it all day?

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  1. Master Frankl says:

    Love the attitude and the ass

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