Anatomy of an Orgasm

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of photographic documentation of me having sex with myself, right up to and including the moment of orgasm.  It’s strange seeing oneself in the throes of unrestrained pleasure.

It looks a lot like being in pain.

And maybe, in a way, it is.

Beautiful, exquisite, torment as you reach for that oh-so-final, almost-painful-in-its-pleasure, release.


  1. RuntMcRory says:

    fuck me but those are some lovely pictures. Taken in that moment when all restraint is gone….delicious and highly, highly arousing.

  2. It DOES look a lot like being in pain. Men react in a similar manner…groaning, grunting, growling…their faces contorting sometimes as though they have just drank vinegar. Sensations build until the waves push you seemingly out-of-body. One moment you are focused on bodily sensation, the next – at THE moment – you are transported. I like the French “slang” for orgasm: petit-mort…little death.

  3. Kara says:

    VERY HOT Jade and awesome pictures!!! Loved seeing how your reaction grew in each one. Also those are some HOT heels you’re wearing :)
    Kara XOXOXO

  4. Riff Dog says:

    Beautiful sequence of pictures. Wow!

  5. Aurore says:

    This is a beautiful set of shots. Girl are you ever not wearing heels? ;)

  6. DominaDoll says:

    Nice orgasm faces. Do you ever do sex toys reviews? If interested you can email me at the email addy provided or visit Thanks!

  7. Emmy says:

    Such an intensely raw set of pictures that capture the pleasure perfectly!
    So glad you shared them :)

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