Still waiting…

I still have not come. It’s been since…Thursday?  I know that doesn’t seem like that long of a time, and I have for sure gone longer than this before, but not when I wanted to come. Not when I was worked up to the point of practically gnawing my leg off and then…denied. Cuntblocked.

It’s not fucking fair!

So what if I did it to myself (and keep doing it to myself?) I could have diddled myself last night. Instead I chose to watch a video of a woman getting her peehole fucked. Wrong? HELL YEAH. But goddamned HAWT. (Yeah, put it on my Perverted Bucket List, W. ~smirk~)  But did I touch myself while watching it, even tho I desperately wanted to?


I thought about it. I wanted it. And I wouldn’t do it.

Didn’t do it this morning, either, when I had time all to myself and nothing to do but lay there and dream about the orgasm I want so damn bad.

I usually come at least once a day, sometimes a couple, and sometimes several times, if I am at W’s.  Being worked up and not coming just isn’t in my repertoire.

I must be a masochist: I am kind of liking it.

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  1. severin says:

    I am sooooo following this to see when and how you do cum :)

    sev xx

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