A Challenge

Thursday is my last Work from Home day with W for awhile. He is going out of town for two weeks, when he gets back I will be leaving for a week, then when I get back he will probably be going back out of town again. Which SUCKS ASS.

So I’ve come up with A Challenge.  Totally on my own (without consulting W first) I posted on Fetlife and Twitter:

So really? How about some kink. *Anything* people. I’m about to be swallowed whole by my job, and that’s NOT kinky, sexy or fun. *sigh*

How ’bout this? Ya’ll know about my Picture Request feature in my blog, right? Why don’t you think of something REALLY kinky/nasty/sexy/whatever for me on Work from Home Thursday this week.

Send it over to W (WoodDemon on Fet or email NickWolfram74@gmail.com) and whichever one he likes best we’ll do, and post pics/updates/tweets of it as it happens Thursday.

So for REAL, people! Help a hapless kinky girl out!  Send in something to make W’s dick hard and my cunt wet, so I can do the same for you.

Because it’s all about you guys, yanno. ;-)


  1. kazigrrl says:

    I sent him something. You may be sorry. LOL

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. PaRaDoXicK says:

    I put in my request. I just cant back down from a kinky challenge!

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