Wanton Wednesday – Rugburn

As I mentioned in this post, my weekend left me with rugburns on my elbows and knees. And some pretty intense memories of a fantasy coming true.

Funny thing, that. I don’t even know if the Guys know how often this particular fantasy feeds my masturbation sessions; or if they even knew it was a fantasy of mine.  You’ll have to wait to hear exactly what that fantasy is, though, when I tell all about how we fulfilled yet another Picture Request.

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Wanton Wednesday


  1. Slut says:

    I very much enjoy knowing I have rugburn on my knees. It feel like a glorious war wound in honor of my Master! Such a sexy photo!
    xoxo, Slut

  2. Rose says:

    Love the picture and I can see where the rug burns came from ;)

  3. kazigrrl says:

    Sexy pic and can definitely see how rugburn would be the result… sooooo worth it though!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Roped like that and then used like that … yeah, I can see how that feeds that masturbatory fantasies – and it’s damned hot!

    xx Dee

  5. Molly says:

    The look on your face says it all…


  6. Pixel says:

    Oh, goodness, the look on your face is dead sexy.

  7. We can’t wait to hear the details of this fantasy of yours. Until then, we will enjoy the look on your face and imagine.

  8. Blacksilk says:

    That is a fantastic photo and looks so much fun to do, rugburn or no rugburn!

  9. Hedone says:

    HAWTness! Love the photo. I’d love a fuck like that too.


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