I’m not feeling very bloggy.

I have lots of stuff going on.  Lots of stuff has happened recently, between fun on our Memphis trip and then some issues W and I had upon our return, to working through that and then getting back on an even keel this weekend, to long talks and working thru some pretty heavy relationship/head stuff, to lazy mornings in bed and hot 3-way sex, and finally to dealing with work pressures and thinking about/planning this upcoming, unexpected trip to DC.

I also have scenes to write about and Picture Requests and so many thoughts going on in my head…

Sometimes I wish I could just put down a day-by-day account of “what I did today,” instead of feeling the need to write about it all.

But I have no desire to make the effort to actually write anything right now.

Who knows, I may wake up tomorrow on fire for writing, but for the moment, I’m all blogged out.

Peace out.

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  1. thelongbean says:

    Don’t worry too much, it will come back with a vengeance and you won’t be able to stop writing.

    Just do not leave us all hanging, even if it is only a few words or pictures.

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