Sinful Sunday – Lock & Dam #24

This week’s Sinful Sunday is also a Scavenger Hunt entry, though I don’t see “Lock & Dam” on Curvaceous Dee’s list. (I do see “Dam” though. Is that the same thing? I’ll leave that to Dee to decide.) ;-D

This was late Sunday morning after W and I had checked out of the B & B on our recent weekend away.  We had a wonderful breakfast at the restaurant connected to the B & B, then decided to head over to a local coffee shop that a friend of ours manages. The weather was so lovely that we decided to take a walk after we said hello to her, and headed down toward the Mississippi River, upon whose banks this tiny town nestles. To our delight, we discovered that it is also home to a lock and dam, and a tugboat just happened to be pushing a barge through it while we were there.

While we enjoyed the weather, and since I was already in a short dress and had gone pantiless, we decided to try and fulfill an entry for the Scavenger Hunt.

We didn’t realize at first that the public was allowed up on lock itself, so we decided to take some shots right at the road next to the dam. But it was a busy road and I wasn’t very brave…

"A little higher..."
I was pretty sure he wasn't getting enough of a flash to count for the Scavenger Hunt. But I was having fun none-the-less.

That’s when we realized there was a public viewing area at the lock (another couple walked right by us and headed up there.) So we followed suit.

Lock and Dam #24 on the Mississippi River.
While we waited for the "coast to clear" we actually enjoyed reading about the history of locks and dams on the Mississippi and how they work.
The dam itself. Yes, I wanted a picture ON the dam. Apparently that is frowned upon (and highly illegal.) Some kind of silly security measures or other. LOL The lock (directly below me in the picture) is where they regulate the water in order to allow boats and barges to go through.
As I mentioned, there was a tugboat and barge in the lock working their way through.
It was windy up there, and I wasn't wearing panties. I wondered if the guy on the walkway and barge below could tell.
Finally the other spectators left and we had a chance for our shot.
On our way out, I couldn't help flashing W one more time. Just for good measure.

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Sinful Sunday


  1. As we read your post and perused your pictures, we considered posting which of the pictures was our favorite. But it quickly became evident that we wouldn’t be able to settle on a single favorite. However, we will say that despite your gorgeous body, the shots of you smiling at the camera are utterly stunning – in particular the third and fifth shots – and remind us of just how spectacularly photogenic you are. Beautiful shots of a beautiful woman. :)

  2. You should try Alton’s Lock and Dam. ;)

  3. kazigrrl says:

    Very cheeky!! LOL
    And a great entry in the Scavenger Hunt :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Vincent Vega says:

    Love how your photos told a story and the conclusion was definitely worth the wait.

  5. Molly says:

    I love the 2nd to last shot, that cheeky little smile over your shoulder is delicious.


  6. piecesofjade says:

    Thanks all for your wonderful comments! It was a fun day. Next time – atop the dam itself! (ha.)

  7. Mrsjojo says:

    very cheeky and entetaining x

  8. It is quite evident how much fun you had with this, which makes the photos all the more enjoyable! :)

  9. Would you believe I’ve never seen a Lock before? Had no idea what one even was! It’s very clever :)

    I’ve updated the Scavenger Hunt page (Dam is now Dam/Lock) – and you look like you’re having a fantastic time!

    xx Dee

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