The 11th Day of Kinkmas

But Santa’s Helper wasn’t quite done with Bad Jade yet. He wanted to leave a note for Santa so there would be no confusion about which list Jade belonged on.

(The Naughty List, in case you didn’t guess by now.)


To see the note Santa’s Helper left, head over to Molly’s Daily’s Kiss, where his message will be revealed in her Advent Calendar!

Oh…and check back tomorrow for the 12th Day of Kinkmas, in which Jade gives Santa’s Helper what he deserves for Kinkmas.


  1. Molly says:

    Seems like naughty girls enjoy working together ;)

    Thank you for joining in with my Advent Calendar and being my mystery guest.


  2. This series and the crossover with Molly was such a treat! Merry merry kinkmas to you! :)

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