HNT & Writing

I almost forgot!  I have a new HNT up over on A Poly Life.  One of the many reasons I love to run…and wear 5 inch heels…

Oh!  And another piece of writing on Eden Cafe: So You Want to Go to a Kink Convention, a primer for newcomers to all the kinky fun that can be had at a big kink event.

I’ve been having so much fun writing for them, and now I’ve saved up enough writing dinero to get a new toy!  I’ve been having lovely fun with my glass buttplugs, but I am thinking of trying some stainless steel. Not the least reason of which is that, as ya’ll know, W likes an Industrial Girl, and what could be more industrial than having stainless steel shoved up your ass?  Pfun or Pure Plug, which should I choose?

Too bad they don’t carry anal hooks.

I hesitated to post this here, because you know, over here I am all smut and hot sex and fucking and the guys and girls that I do and get done by…all that fun stuff.  But then I realized I may have a few readers that are wondering why I’ve been so quiet this past week, and maybe I should share a bit about it.  This past week I have been in a personal hell the likes of which I never thought I could be in.  You always think, “That happens in other families. That happens to other people.” And then it happens to you.

If you’re curious or care about where I’ve been and want to know a little bit of why, I’ve posted a little bit over on APL about it. Please feel free to link over, or not. If you’re just here for the sex, that’s all good too.  I get that (and that is why I separate my two blogs.)   Either way, I’ll be back soon with more sexiness, I promise.

Body Image and Flaws on APL

As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t post an HNT this week. I really did get too busy, but if I am to be honest, there was also another reason. I wanted to participate in fellow blogger Another Suburban Mom’s “Flaws” HNT theme, but I just wasn’t brave enough to do it. It did, however, inspire quite a bit of thought on the topic of body image, and I have written a new post over on A Poly Life talking about it. I hope you’ll wander over there, as well as to ASM’s blog and to all the other HNT’ers that participated, in support and celebration of all of the wonderful “imperfections” that make us beautiful, and human, and unique.