a to z challenge – p is for pikachu

But probably not the Pikachu you may know (and, if you’re me, love – yep, I’m a Pokemon Go player, and I wanna catch’em all! Okay, I’ll stop there. But seriously, if you play and want to friend me, I’m PiecesofJade on there too – I always like to gather new Pokie friends!) Anyway, this post is only tangentially about something Pikachu-like, but it made the “p” for the Alphabet Challenge work, so here we are:

That’ right, it’s a Pikachu Buttplug. As my local kink partner used to say – anything can be made kinky. So what’s up with the Pikachu buttplug? Well, I’ve started accepting tasks from my long distance dominant partner, M (the Canadian, as I usually refer to him.)

This hiatus that my local kink partner and I are on is necessary for us both, but it’s left a vacuum in my life where I used to have the structure of a loving, rules-based D/s relationship. (It’s also left a big hole where there used to be sex and kink, but that’s another story.) Now, I am not rushing in to have those needs met by just anyone else. What we had was deep and abiding, and can’t be replaced by some dial-a-Dom on the internet. Nor am I ready to give up entirely on it coming back to us, and as such, that part of my submission truly is still his to Own, if he ends up wanting it back. But meanwhile…meanwhile, there is this hole inside of me, there are these needs I have.

Step in – and up – My Canadian. He knows me as well as any, and he recognized that I’ve been kind of floundering about without the structure that D/s provides, and he asked if I would like to engage in some D/s-based activities with him while things get figured out with my local partner. I miss the structure of rules-based D/s, and he has always wanted to engage in more D/s with me, but the situation and timing was never right for us to do much in this way. It appears that time is nigh – I agreed, and here we are.

Week One of beauty’s tasks!

Today’s task:

It’s “Yellow Monday.
Wear one item of yellow clothing;
eat one yellow food;
find a song with yellow in the title;
find a yellow sex toy (either owned or on the internet.)”

I was not really surprised to realize I don’t have a yellow sex toy. I thought one of my glass toys would have yellow on it but was disappointed that none of them do. Oh well, that meant I could go window shopping online. And how fortuitous – someone actually wrote an entire article about yellow sex toys! And that, of course, is where I found the Piky Buttplug.

Next up, I had to finnd something yellow to wear. Strangely enough, yellow isn’t part of my wardrobe. I couldn’t even locate an blouse with yellow on it, though I know I have a summer dress or two with yellow flowers on it, but I haven’t unpacked all my summer clothes yet. But hey, I have a bright yellow jacket! So, maybe not sexy…or, maybe…?

I like that it matches my butterfly.
And check out my pandemic hair! It’s grow out a lot.

Next up, find a song with Yellow in the title. “Yellow Submarine”? How about “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ‘Round the Old Oak Tree”? Nope, I went with something a little more modern, from one of my favorite bands, Counting Crows, “Big Yellow Taxi.”

And lastly, a yellow food. How about some canned peaches! (Yumm it will soon be time for fresh peaches…)

And there you have it. A Pikachu (and etc.) Task completed.

Alphabet Challenge – The Letter R

We had an amazing day of fun the day we decided to do the Letter R. It was actually quite accidental (and me being a little bit pushy) that got us to the beach where we played with roots and rope on a riverbank, as well as with an old wreck of a barge (though that will come later in the series.)

But first we found an old red barn at a park nearby the condo.

Then we headed down to W’s house.  We had originally decided to try to take some pics down at the riverfront park by his house, where we’d seen several barges tied up. I really wanted a muddy riverbank, but the guys were skeptical and not that keen on getting down in the mud, or trying to figure out how to get down to the river bank. So, “river barge” it was going to have to be. But when we got there, we realized that the river was so low that the barges were too far out to get close to them.  No amount of begging or goading would get them to climb the fence to get closer (I know, what babies, right??)

Next I tried “railroad tracks.” There was an abandoned set nearby that I figured we could lay me down on and take a quick snap — but a boy had recently been killed walking on (live) tracks and that seemed a little…irresponsible, whether the tracks were live or dead.  So no go on Idea Number 2.

This was not going the way I had hoped our Alphabet Challenge Day was going to go!

Then W pointed out something across the river. There, half buried beneath a sandbar that had been revealed when the river had shrunk, was the rusted out carcass of an old barge. We could see a dirt road opening out onto the sandbar from a cornfield, and a truck parked on the sand.

“Let’s go!” I said.

Both Guys made their usual, immediate response to anything I suggest. “No.” And then listed reasons why not. (You know, like it’s too far, it’s in another state, the cornfield is private property, yadda yadda yadda.) All of which I countered, until finally they said, “Okay, fine, how about next weekend, when we have time to prepare.” (Like we were going on a trek to Timbuktoo, right?)

“It could be raining next week,” I said.

“It could rain today,” W replied, pointing at some clouds far in the distance.

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day.

“It’s sunny now,” I retorted.

They gave each other that look. The one that says, “We might as well give in, she’s not gonna let go of it.”

I grinned broadly.  One might even say, “triumphantly.”

“We gotta stop and get my swimsuit,” I said. They looked puzzled. “It’s a beach!” I said. (Duh! What was wrong with these boys? Had they never seen a beach before?? Clearly, neither one of them had grown up in California.)

So…off we went.

And we had a blast.

First, there were the Roots of a massive tree that had been caught by the wreck of the barge.

Then Ad found an old Rope buried in the sand.

Then W finally gave in and agreed to tie me for real right on the Riverbank.

Me sassing the photographer (W is looking off at a towboat that happened by.)

He turned back in time to see me being sassy and shove me down in the sand.

Then gave me a push to flip me over on my belly.

Looking up to see where the fishermen had got to…

Left on the riverbank, a gift for the fishermen or towboat captain to find.

After he released me, W apparently decided to take my sassy ass to task, and make me eat my “It’s a beach!” words.

“Get in the water,” he said.

I protested – LOUDLY. “That’s MISSISSIPPI river water!” I said. “I’ll probably turn green and glow or something if I get it on me!

It was his turn to grin. “I guess we’ll find out,” he said.

Toes in…

I’m nothing if not obedient. -ish.

But…I haven’t turned green yet.

Alphabet Challenge – Q is for Queeny Park, Quiet!, Quarry & Dairy Queen

These Alphabet Challenge days are nothing if not fun. This time we got to introduce W to a park he’d never been to. I want to say it is in an area of St. Louis that he’s seldom been in, either, far West County.

For me, heading out to Queeny Park was a walk down Nostalgia Lane. Just across from the park was the apartment complex where my ex and I rented our first apartment together, and though the place has definitely changed in 20 years, it hasn’t changed that much. Seeing my old stomping grounds though, and seeing how close the park was to my apartment, something I had never taken advantage of when I lived there, made me wish that I had been more appreciative of what St. Louis had to offer. Oh well, live and learn. I’ve certainly learned much more about St. Louis in the past 26 weeks or so!

But first we visited a local branch of the county library. We’d picked it based on its proximity to the park (or at least based on the fact that it was on the way to the park.) It turned out to have a great big lawn and sign right out front, which was perfect. What we didn’t expect was to be interrupted every minute or so with people coming by to drop off books (we were there before they opened.) But, somehow, we managed to get our photo – even with the gag! (You can’t see, but I do have rope on my wrists.)

Quiet, please!

Then it was off to the park. We hiked down a lovely, fairly secluded trail until we came to the perfect spot: a place with a trail sign and the name of the park on it.

We found some other photo opportunities at the park and generally enjoyed the warm day before heading back into the city, where I decided i needed a dipped cone. Dairy “Queen” was too good an opportunity to pass up.

And then, fortified by ice cream, we headed toward a quarry on the way home.

I really wanted to get IN the quarry, but there wa sno way to do so, and at first we couldn’t even really get close enough to tell what it was.

We did end up finding a comfortable spot closer, at the entrance, in fact, which made me happier.  we did get an awful lot of looks at both spots, since we were right on a fairly well-traveled road.  At least I wasn’t attempting a Scavenger Hunt!

Alphabet Challenge – P is for Piasa, Pub & Power Plant

We’d had a great day hunting for O’s, and ended up with several P’s as well.

We’d started out here, at an Oil Refinery. That was a fortuitous and completely random side-road excursion that turned into several cute pics and even a Scavenger Hunt. (You’ll get to see that later in the week.)

From there we headed out to the River Road, and spotted a Power Plant across the river. I couldn’t resist bullying my Guys into a little roadside bondage.

This is what an untied, vanilla Jade looks like:

“C’mon, c’mon, it’ll be fun!”

They obliged me.

Then made me pay for my fun by leaving me to bake in the sun.

“Are you done yet?”

They even found another place to tie me up.

That’s really me down there in all that driftwood!


After that we headed went to find the Piasa Bird.  Never heard of the Legend of the Piasa Bird?

It’s funny, both Ad and I remembered it as a hundred feet tall…

Not so much. ;-)

After that adventure we all needed a cold beer and some lunch at the Piasa Pub, and another opportunity to snap some Rope on the Run!

Another Letter of the Alphabet down!

Alphabet Challenge – N is for…

New Orleans, of course, with St. Louis Cathedral in the background…

And for a paddlewheeler named The Natchez.

As a special bonus, I managed a Scavenger Hunt while we were out there fooling around, though there were so many people coming and going (we were right outside a ferry terminal) that I was not terribly brave, so it’s hard to tell that I was flashing my girly-bits!  Also, this one, “Levee” is not on the list…  Dee, is it good for a new one?

My favorite part is the sign. “Pedestrians and vehicles keep off.” As R walks along it behind me and we take pictures of me flashing W next to it. Bunch of lawbreakers, aren’t we? ;-)

Alphabet Challenge: M is for Mississippi

We almost missed the Letter M for the Alphabet Challenge (the rules of the Challenge, per the Rope on the Run group on Fetlife that hosts it, state that you can only post each letter’s photos to the group during that letter’s week.)  It wasn’t that we didn’t have plenty of M’s to use (Missouri River, mud, Mississippi River, Missouri History Museum, mummy in the art museum and on and on…) but that we had headed down to New Orleans for the Naughty in N’awlins convention without doing one first, and once there, and completely forgotten about Rope on the Run (imagine that.)

So it was, at about 2pm on the Thursday afternoon when the Challenge pics were due, that I suddenly panicked. “Oh my god! We have to do an M!”

W was not so concerned about missing one letter. “Let’s go have a drink,” he said.

But I was (as I can sometimes be) rather insistent. (I know, you’re shocked.) After much pleading (on my part) and a drink (or two) on his part, I convinced him to tie me to a lamppost with one of our lanyards on the river walk next to the Mississippi River and take a picture, which I promptly uploaded directly to Fetlife via my phone. Tragedy averted!  (Ah, the wonders of modern technology.)

They actually turned out pretty cute.

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a Hurricane from the infamous Pat O’Briens…

…and wandered boozily down Bourbon Street.  Which we also took a picture of, and, in another wonder of modern technology, then texted to W’s and my daughters.  (Slowly I am convincing W not to be a curmudgeon.) :-)

So really, M could also be for Modern Technology.

Alphabet Challenge – K is for Keifer Creek

This may be the most minimal of our letter challenges, but to me it is the one that inspires the most lascivious thoughts – maybe precisely because it is so minimal.  See, that gives my brain the opportunity to make up a story to go along with the pictures. A story that my brain was playing with even as we shot this.

What makes us associate a certain smell, sight, sound or place with sex? Why does something seemingly unrelated to the act arouse us and stimulate our imaginations (and our hormones)? There are so many things about this scene that arouse me, that excite my imagination.  The creek bed, the trees and rocks and seeming isolation. The train trestle above.  The graffiti and the weeds and the mucky water. It is a place that evokes memories and images of a younger me, and the fears of walking there alone, day after day.  The fear and yes, the excitement.  Because anything could happen there. What if something did?

And then it does, and there I am, pushed down into the water, my hands being tied behind my back.  I am on my knees, the rocks digging into them painfully, the weight of my assailant’s hand pinning me. There is the smell of the water, clear and cold, laced the bitter tang of moss and mud. The feel of the rocks under my shoulder as I am held down.

All the while I stood on the bank, while we decided how to shoot it, I wanted to be pushed down in that water, in the mud, forced to my knees and then face down, held there while I struggled to keep my face above water.  It feeds into an abduction fantasy that isn’t much more than a half-formed thought, but it’s one that I am drawn to repeatedly, and have brought up many times when we talk about this kind of scene.  I wanted to feel bruised and scratched, wet and dirtied and cold and afraid.

Until I got my face near the water and the muck, and then I was like, “Ew!” And, “There’s bugs in there! And little fishes! Yuck! I’m not putting my face down there!”

Fantasy, meet reality. LMAO

And yet…

Looking at these pictures, I realize I still want it. Maybe that reaction: that “Ew, no, I don’t want it!” is exactly why I do. Because if it ever happens, it won’t be something I secretly want.  How twisted is that?

Alphabet Challenge – J is for Jeep & Jet

The letter J was proving to be a little problematical. We had a few ideas, but nothing we could pull off effectively or that truly inspired the Guys. Then Ad and I took a walk one day in Forest Park, near the Science Museum, and just happened upon this grounded Blue Angel:

And we had our “J”.

It was a little tricky getting the rope over the tail hook – and doing so without the security cameras at the Science Museum, or any passersby, seeing us, but we managed.

Stop that jet!

Doing my best Vanna White Impression.

We also found an unexpected opportunity for another J while we were packing up camp at Twisted Tryst.

Every hunter wants to take home his prize tied to the hood of his Jeep, right?

Alphabet Challenge – I is for Island

Since my run-ins with skin cancer started last year, I don’t get to go out in the sun and play much anymore. Even with heavy sunscreen, I’m a little gunshy – or should I say “sunshy” – so it was an unusual treat this past summer to get out and splash in the water in a bikini.

We had such fun with this one. It was my idea to find an “island” – aka a sandbar – to claim as my own, the Isle of Jade, and then get tied to the sign proclaiming the island as mine.  It took quite a bit of planning, though.  Ad thought he knew of one by Castlewood Park, one of my favorite hiking spots, so we went there, and spent a whole day hiking up and down the river and the surrounding area to try to find a sandbar that was both accessible (without having to swim to it) and also secluded enough that we could do the tie without attracting too much attention.  We found the one we ended up using right away, but weren’t sure about it at first. It turns out that St. Louis has a for-real beach, right there in Castlewood, and it’s a very popular spot for families and teenagers hanging out with their friends.

Our sandbar was not more than 50 yards from it.

So we kept looking, and in the process had the opportunity to do several other Alphabet Challenge pictures, as well as the Graffiti Scavenger Hunt. We had a great time in general, even if we thought we hadn’t found what we were looking for.

But we couldn’t find anything else that looked viable, either there or by searching Google Earth. So I did the unthinkable: the next day I talked W into getting up “early” so that we could (hopefully) get there before the rush of kids and their parents. I use quotes because early meant we got out there around 10am. There were already a couple of people, fishermen and a teenager or two, up the beach a-ways, but we were there, dammit, and I was determined to get our shot.

So we did. Ad tried to shield me from the direct line-of-sight from the beach, and W hammed up being a photographer, which always seems to put people at ease, no matter what screwball hijinks you are up to, and which seemed to work. Look like you belong there and that it’s something official, and people tend to look the other way.

To learn more about the Meramec Greenway, which encompasses 28,000 acres and follows the 108 miles of the Meramec River, and about how you can help preserve it, click here.

Wicked Wednesday – It’s Time for the Next Letter in the Alphabet: H!

Yeah, yeah, I went out of order with the Letter L, but I’m back in order now.

H is for Hot Tub. We had lots of fun at a friend’s house, playing in their hot tub in their backyard.

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