Sinful Sunday – Cruise Ship Scavenger Hunt

So my last post regarding the cruise was a bit on the wordy/heavy side, but sometimes I gotta get stuff out of my head. Just to show you how much fun we actually had, and that we were doing some naughty stuff on that ship-of-naughtiness, here are some pics we took for my efforts to achieve another notch in my Scavenger Hunt belt.

And no, I didn’t see “Cruise Ship” on Dee’s list. Oops. ;-)

Embarkation Day. This is me in my “vanilla” version.
Getting a little naughtier.
And naughtier still, in the Viking Lounge.
And I’m all out of control! ;-)
And then, later that night, again at the Viking Bar, playing with a stranger. He was afraid I might fall through the window.
The three of us at sunset.
Semi-vanilla. First one Guy…
Then the other. :-)
A little hint beneath the sheer material…
Finally, a little skin.  (And the new tattoo!)
The other side.
And showing it all off!

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Scavenger Hunt: Oil Refinery

As promised in this post, we managed to pull off another Scavenger Hunt there by the Oil Refinery. Oil Refinery isn’t on the Official Scavenger Hunt List, but I hope that Dee will add it.

I didn’t get as good a flash as I wanted, because right when I was in the middle of it, somebody drove up in a truck and interrupted us. Oops!  Maybe the next time we’re hanging out next to a stinky oil refinery I can show off a bit more flesh…

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Elevator

Since a recent post was a Scavenger Hunt and Alphabet Challenge from the Big Easy, it seems only right that I should wrap up that trip with one last tittie flash (I apparently did a lot of flashing there in N’awlins, imagine that!) This also qualifies for a Scavenger Hunt (and not a newly created one, but one from the original, official list – go me!): Elevator.  And, since I am me, and you know, I can’t do anything by halves, I’m gonna give you double the tittie joy, since apparently flashing just once in an elevator wasn’t enough.

From the night before, adorned to go out on the town…
And from the next morning. Me looking a little less perky, but the nips still having a good time!

So there you have it, my 11th entry in the Scavenger Hunt!

(By the way, as of my last SH, I was a GOLD participant!)

Alphabet Challenge – N is for…

New Orleans, of course, with St. Louis Cathedral in the background…

And for a paddlewheeler named The Natchez.

As a special bonus, I managed a Scavenger Hunt while we were out there fooling around, though there were so many people coming and going (we were right outside a ferry terminal) that I was not terribly brave, so it’s hard to tell that I was flashing my girly-bits!  Also, this one, “Levee” is not on the list…  Dee, is it good for a new one?

My favorite part is the sign. “Pedestrians and vehicles keep off.” As R walks along it behind me and we take pictures of me flashing W next to it. Bunch of lawbreakers, aren’t we? ;-)

Wicked Wednesday – A Scavenger Hunt from the Big Easy

We actually managed several Scavenger Hunts while out and about in New Orleans.

This is the first of them: Balcony.

Flashing may be the order of the day on Bourbon Street, but I have never really been comfortable with it before, nor ever done it! This made me feel especially wicked, as well, because I had to ask one of several young men sitting at a table across from us on the balcony if they would take the snap.

“Sure!” he readily agreed.

I could see his eyes go wide when he saw my “accoutrements,” but he never asked about them. Later, as we were leaving, though, I heard him whisper to his friend. “Did you see those things she was wearing?” I like to imagine that curiosity about them will have him thinking and wondering about them long after the other run-of-the-mill tittie flashers have faded from his memory…

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Sinful Sunday – Under the Tracks

It’s about time I debuted another Scavenger Hunt submission, though this one isn’t on the official list. There are train tracks on the list, and a train station, but this is neither of those: I was under the train trestle.  Does it qualify for one of those, or is it its own category, Dee? ;-)

We had been doing some reconnaissance for a “T” photo for the Alphabet Challenge, which we did manage, tho on a different day, and I decided it was the perfect spot to get another feather in my “Scavenger Hunt” cap.  The Guys willingly obliged me, and I got to flash me some summer skin.

It was this bit of graffiti that really inspired it all.
How could I resist?
I wanted to get up on the tracks, but the Guys ixnayed that, so you’ll have to content yourselves for next to the trestle…
…and under it!
We only saw this sign on the way out. Oops!

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Sinful Sunday

Scavenger Hunt – Cemetery

Sometimes doing the Alphabet Challenge gives me the opportunity to get my Scavenger Hunt exhibitionism on as well. I’ll be posting more about the Letter G (we used the term “graveyard” for the Alphabet Challenge, though it is technically a cemetery) soon, but here are a couple snaps at Bellefontaine Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in St. Louis, as my next entry in Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt!

You’ll have to wait till I post about our graveyard visit to read about my special dress. ;-)
On the way out we almost missed this “W” headstone.
I couldn’t resist flashing it!
Strolling back to the car.

Another successful Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt – a Two-Fer at the Fountains!

Two of us baring ourselves, that is.  And it wasn’t even my idea. Ad, me, K and W had been enjoying some vanilla “getting-to-know-each-other” time in Forest Park before going back to W’s for an evening of decidedly not-vanilla time.

“We should take a naughty picture,” K said. I immediately thought of Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt.  “Can we do something so I can post a pic of us both in my blog?” I asked, explaining what it was all about.

“Sure,” she said, good sport that she is.  The below is the result. Two pretty pussies for the price of one!

Oh, and with pretty fountains in the background, too…!

And, to show how brave I got, here’s another with me and the Guys. :-)

And that makes six Scavenger Hunts I’ve completed. (Well, I have completed another one since – today as a matter of fact – and there was another one at a cave, but the pics were too dark to see, so that’s a do-over.)  I’m getting pretty brave, aren’t I?

Where will I go next…

Sinful Sunday – Lock & Dam #24

This week’s Sinful Sunday is also a Scavenger Hunt entry, though I don’t see “Lock & Dam” on Curvaceous Dee’s list. (I do see “Dam” though. Is that the same thing? I’ll leave that to Dee to decide.) ;-D

This was late Sunday morning after W and I had checked out of the B & B on our recent weekend away.  We had a wonderful breakfast at the restaurant connected to the B & B, then decided to head over to a local coffee shop that a friend of ours manages. The weather was so lovely that we decided to take a walk after we said hello to her, and headed down toward the Mississippi River, upon whose banks this tiny town nestles. To our delight, we discovered that it is also home to a lock and dam, and a tugboat just happened to be pushing a barge through it while we were there.

While we enjoyed the weather, and since I was already in a short dress and had gone pantiless, we decided to try and fulfill an entry for the Scavenger Hunt.

We didn’t realize at first that the public was allowed up on lock itself, so we decided to take some shots right at the road next to the dam. But it was a busy road and I wasn’t very brave…

"A little higher..."
I was pretty sure he wasn't getting enough of a flash to count for the Scavenger Hunt. But I was having fun none-the-less.

That’s when we realized there was a public viewing area at the lock (another couple walked right by us and headed up there.) So we followed suit.

Lock and Dam #24 on the Mississippi River.
While we waited for the "coast to clear" we actually enjoyed reading about the history of locks and dams on the Mississippi and how they work.
The dam itself. Yes, I wanted a picture ON the dam. Apparently that is frowned upon (and highly illegal.) Some kind of silly security measures or other. LOL The lock (directly below me in the picture) is where they regulate the water in order to allow boats and barges to go through.
As I mentioned, there was a tugboat and barge in the lock working their way through.
It was windy up there, and I wasn't wearing panties. I wondered if the guy on the walkway and barge below could tell.
Finally the other spectators left and we had a chance for our shot.
On our way out, I couldn't help flashing W one more time. Just for good measure.

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Sinful Sunday