Sinful Sunday – Just Relax…

One Sunday, some time ago (you know it’s a while ago because the floor of his bondage room still had the awful blue linoleum it sported before he redid it) W decided to give me a nice relaxing rope scene.

It was like being in a hammock. Restful and relaxing, just hanging around. But I wasn’t relaxing for long…
Because of course he couldn’t just leave me hanging there. Tied up girlmeat is too hard to resist.
Yeah it’s kinda hard to relax under those circumstances.
And even more under these.

I hope your Sunday is equally Sinful – relaxing or not!

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Candle

One of the things on our Anal August list was “Lit Candle Inserted in Ass.” Here it is.

Here’s a clearer view of the whole set-up.

I know Sinful Sunday is “all about the image,” but I have to share more about this particular scene. This was Saturday night, after our long Saturday day/night with longdistancesub and her Master. We had gone out to a fantastic dinner with them and Adam, who had not joined us for play that day. When we got back home I was still keyed up and wanted to play with the two of them, but I wasn’t up for an impact or real aggressive scene.

“Can we do something quiet?” I asked. “Maybe even…romantic?”

Hey, a candle in the ass is romantic, right?

Actually it was soothing and quiet and…maybe a little romantic in that weird way that the stuff we do can be.

It was also a challenge for me.

Do you remember the wax scene at Twisted Tryst that I talked about? The one where I broke down in panic and hysterics? My reaction that night had taken me completely by surprise.

I adore wax play. There is something so measured about it, so calm and yet…intense…in those tiny drops of heat on your skin.  A searing, a burning, a zing and a gasp, and then it cools. Until the next one. And depending on how fast or slow the operator goes, how high up he or she holds the candle, and where they decide to drop (or pour) it, it can be minimally painful, soothing even, to totally sadistic.  And it’s all under his (or her) control.

I have never thought of wax play as fire play. No one has ever gotten the candle flame close enough to me to make me even think of it as “fire,” which I am deathly afraid of.  I’d also never been tied when doing wax play.  So when I suggested the scene (having found an image online) in which I would be bound and have the candle inserted in the rope above me and allowed to drip down on my cunt and ass, it never occurred to me that I might react badly. That my lizard brain would feel the heat of the wax, and, knowing that there was a candle back there but unable to see it, would think, “Fire! Run!”

Which, of course, I couldn’t do, since I was bound.  And so…panic. Fear. Tears. It all ended well – but it also cemented in my mind a determination to try it again (modified at first, perhaps, so that I could see the flame) so that I could overcome the fear.

W knew this. I wasn’t the one that added the “lit candle” to my Anal August list, he was. And bless him for that, because it “took it out of my hands” in a way. It was a requirement. It was written right there. I had to do it.

And we did. And I did. There’s the proof.

Now…more more more? Please??? <grin>

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Tied In

It was a Sinful Saturday, actually, but it did lead to some sin this morning, too. ;-)

Looking all vanilla and stuff for dinner out.
Well, except for my zebra heels.
…a little bit of rope…

~click thru to see what it’s holding in~

All good things come to an end though, and eventually the rope had to come off.

Sinful Sunday is all about the image. Check out who else is being Sinful at the link below.

 Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Less Sin, but Lots of Fun

I was able to access pics and such on W’s computer, so I decided to post a Sinful Sunday after all (I just can’t help myself.) ;-)

This day wasn’t so sinful, but it was an awful lot of fun – a whole day of it with the guys that started with this

And this…

..and ended with me with my feet up, enjoying some ice cream.

Sinful Sunday is all about the image! See who else is being Sinful by clicking the link below.

Sinful Sunday

Friday Faves, on Sunday – August 10

So since I can’t post sexy pictures of my own for Sinful Sunday this week, I’m gonna post links to my favorite sexy pictures from last week’s, in case you missed them.

Yep, I’m all about getting the sexy out to you, any way I can.

So, without further ado, here they are.  And there’s a whole lot of sexiness here!

(PS – if you’re linked here and I didn’t @ you on Twitter, it was because I couldn’t find your Twitter account, if you have one. If you do, and want me to use it next time, let me know what your Twitter handle is in the comments below.)

this girl’s life What I like about this is how her toes are tied into it…inventive and fun!

Frisky in the 916 I’m a HUGE fan of baths, and even more of bath-time photos.

Salacious Whispers Just because…damn…because I want.

My Whole Sex Life – Sinful Sunday 69 I’m not usually a fan of 69, but this…beautiful and hot.

A Dark Adapted Life – She Taught Me LOVE the quote, and there’s just something about the picture…

A Couple of Wankers – All tied up Because I so love this moment, the waiting, the wondering what’s coming next. And also…well hell, he’s got a damn fine ass!

Hubman’s Hangout – Christening our home It is the feeling of undetected voyeurism that I love in these shots…

girl, uninterupted – trust  Just, wow. Incredibly erotic, even if he is fully clothed!

Meet the Vincos – Pop Out  So many new Sunday Sinners! This one is for W.

Liberated Gnome – Flying solo This, too, is for W. I have a feeling he’ll quite enjoy it (and probably make me start looking for a pilot to date!)

So that’s it for the moment. Hopefully I’ll be back in picture-posting form soon!

Friday Faves – Aug 2. And a little Anal August update.

My (sometimes) weekly favorites from Wicked Wednesday, Sinful Sunday & occasionally around the ‘net.

Erotic Adventures: What Happened in Myers I loved the ending to this. Also, it reminded me of my own adventure in a changing room… <wondering if I ever posted on it>  Hmm, it appears not. Another addition to my mile-long list of Things That Must Be Blogged About??

Kira’s Kink: Kneel  She has such a beautiful back…

My Hot Raven: Voyeur The images in the mirror remind me of one of my favorite sets on Bondage Demons. It was one of the first of his “collections” that I got the nerve up to look at (when were brand new!) I don’t know who the woman is, but the way that W took the photos and tells the story is as a “Watcher” seeing it all surreptitiously.  It’s really hot.  If you have access (I think it is a Members Only collection) it is in Collection 5 and called “The Attic.” Meanwhile, check out My Hot Raven’s photos – very hot too!

Walk on the Wild Side: Bikini Time What I like about this picture is…the sand on her butt. I don’t why! It’s just…sexy. Makes me want to get nasty in the sand now. :-D

Hubman’s Hangout: Lazy An absolutely perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday. How nice of his wife to capture a pic for us!

I include this last one as a segue into my Anal August Update: Mayhems & Mishaps of a Minx.


So yeah, it’s the 3rd of August! Anal August has begun. Unfortunately, with the start of August I also had a doctor appointment, at which time I was given medication that causes my stomach to be…less than “Anal August” friendly. I’m not going into any more detail than that. So…medical dispensations have been issued for anything too invasive, though I am still attempting to wear my plug for at least some time each day. Monday it was 2.5 hours, yesterday 2 hours, and tonight I will be wearing it out to a movie with the Guys, and for as long afterward as I can manage.

W’s also been eyeballing my current Fetlife profile pic of Hello Kitty with a bit of displeasure, and said that an anal caning may be in my future. “I may need to add an anal caning as the Kitty image persists on FetLife and a mere beating may not erase it from my memory banks.” I don’t know whether to leave it up or take it down! lol

Also…W purchased the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 Monday night!

Click on the image for the full specs on Eden Fantasys for this monster, but here’s a synopsis:

Length:  4 3/4″  Insertable length: 3 3/4″  Circumference:  5 1/2″  Diameter: 2″  Neck diameter: 1″  Weight: 1.10 lb
That’s over a POUND of metal in my ass. Yeah, I’m a little nervous!

As for why the last picture in my Friday Favorites is a good segue to this update…?  Well, I already have an offer from a couple of female friends to assist in strap-on anal! The idea makes me scared and wet all at once.

And…that’s all I got for now. Stay tuned for more updates soon though!

Sinful Sunday – Pony Rustling

As Molly says, “Sinful Sunday is all about the image.”  With that in mind, I am just going to let the pictures tell the story of my “ponynapping” at Twisted Tryst, in which W’s prize pony Onyx was rustled and bred to the camp stud, Lancelot.

I will add one word image, though, since no one caught a pic of it: as the “rustlers” were leading Onyx away, W chased behind, swinging a rope and shaking his fist. “My pony’s being rustled! My pony’s getting stolen! Stop, stop, you filthy pony thieves!” Pardon Onyx if she fell just slightly out of role to giggle just a bit…

(Click on the first image for the slide show…)

Check out all the Sunday Sinners below!

Sinful Sunday