Sinful Sunday – From the Hotel on the Way to NOLA

I mentioned in this post about the play we did in the hotel on the way to NOLA. This is a picture from that. The reason I like it? W said, when we were looking through the pictures, “Now that’s a fine ass.”

~big, cheesy grin~

Also, pink shoes. Need I say more?

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Under the Tracks

It’s about time I debuted another Scavenger Hunt submission, though this one isn’t on the official list. There are train tracks on the list, and a train station, but this is neither of those: I was under the train trestle.  Does it qualify for one of those, or is it its own category, Dee? ;-)

We had been doing some reconnaissance for a “T” photo for the Alphabet Challenge, which we did manage, tho on a different day, and I decided it was the perfect spot to get another feather in my “Scavenger Hunt” cap.  The Guys willingly obliged me, and I got to flash me some summer skin.

It was this bit of graffiti that really inspired it all.
How could I resist?
I wanted to get up on the tracks, but the Guys ixnayed that, so you’ll have to content yourselves for next to the trestle…
…and under it!
We only saw this sign on the way out. Oops!

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Onyx & Lancelot

I can’t recall if I mentioned another “big event” that happened at Tryst with Onyx: she got bred! Well, first she was rustled, right out from under her Handlers’ noses. Then she was taken to a special Pony Breeding pen, and Lancelot, the camp’s prize stud, was brought in to cover her.

Many more pics to come, but here is one of my favorites.


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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Marks

I had to go way back to find these pics, but seeing as we are getting ready to head to an event this week, I started thinking about the first event W and I ever went to, and remembered that he had taken some pictures at home of the results of an intense night of play that we had there.

It was the first time that my local friends – those that had known me in relation to my Ex but had not seen me with W before this – saw him and I play together.  We hadn’t actually been together that long, having just started dating that previous August (this was in November) and I had no idea what to expect that night…whether he would be “easy” because all my friends would be there, or really hard, just to give them a shock.

Which do you think he did? LOL

The first scene he did was one in which he tied me standing up, arms and legs spread, and then used clothespins to spread and stretch my labia and nipples out pretty viciously, before taking a cane and crop to my thighs, arms and calves.

Yeah, it made my friends’ eyes pop.

It was pretty intense, and the pain had my endorphins flying, but it was more about endurance than connection.  The scene I really liked was later, after almost everyone had left the dungeon. He had taken me down from the first scene, my friends had been reassured that I was okay (LOL), and we were vegging over in a corner of the room. He asked me if I wanted more, and for once I said yes…or maybe that was because I was in “bottom” mode, and in that headspace (as opposed to submissive) I can ask for what I want. (Silly distinction, and one I am learning to get rid of.)

Anyway, I got more. Maybe more than I asked for. ;-)

Again he tied me standing, arms spread, but this time he used the singletail and dragontail on me. I submitted to the singletailing, to the quick, whispering bites of the whip interspersed with slashes that took my breath away; but when he got the dragontail and started in on my inner thighs something bratty got ahold of me and I fought back, twisting and turning in the ropes, even kicking out my legs (which he hadn’t secured) to avoid its vicious bite.

Twisting and turning and laughing.

He finally lunged forward and grabbed me, holding me tight against his body as he continued to whip my ass and the backs of my thighs. At some point the laughter fled, as did the rest of the room – all I felt was his body against mine, his hand and arm pinning me to him, the punctuating slash of the whip, the hardness between his legs pressing insistingly against me. I don’t know how long he held me that way, all I know is that he was holding me up by the end of it, and I was hanging limp in the bonds at my wrists. It was one of the most intensely erotic whipping scenes I had ever known.

The next morning he took pictures of the results, though the marks had already started to fade. But while the marks may have faded on my body, the marks he left elsewhere have stayed, and grown brighter and deeper and more permanent.

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – 6×6 Tease

Pretty soon I will be gone for Twisted Tryst and Dark Odyssey-Fusion, but while I am gone I have a special photo feature set up for you all. This picture is a teaser of what’s to come: a Picture Request we like to call the 6×6 Matrix.

You’ll have to wait until then to see what has me so happy. (Sorry! I said it was a tease, didn’t I?)

In the back seat of my car, driving down Hwy 55.

With…a set of W’s special toys…adorning my body.

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Lock & Dam #24

This week’s Sinful Sunday is also a Scavenger Hunt entry, though I don’t see “Lock & Dam” on Curvaceous Dee’s list. (I do see “Dam” though. Is that the same thing? I’ll leave that to Dee to decide.) ;-D

This was late Sunday morning after W and I had checked out of the B & B on our recent weekend away.  We had a wonderful breakfast at the restaurant connected to the B & B, then decided to head over to a local coffee shop that a friend of ours manages. The weather was so lovely that we decided to take a walk after we said hello to her, and headed down toward the Mississippi River, upon whose banks this tiny town nestles. To our delight, we discovered that it is also home to a lock and dam, and a tugboat just happened to be pushing a barge through it while we were there.

While we enjoyed the weather, and since I was already in a short dress and had gone pantiless, we decided to try and fulfill an entry for the Scavenger Hunt.

We didn’t realize at first that the public was allowed up on lock itself, so we decided to take some shots right at the road next to the dam. But it was a busy road and I wasn’t very brave…

"A little higher..."
I was pretty sure he wasn't getting enough of a flash to count for the Scavenger Hunt. But I was having fun none-the-less.

That’s when we realized there was a public viewing area at the lock (another couple walked right by us and headed up there.) So we followed suit.

Lock and Dam #24 on the Mississippi River.
While we waited for the "coast to clear" we actually enjoyed reading about the history of locks and dams on the Mississippi and how they work.
The dam itself. Yes, I wanted a picture ON the dam. Apparently that is frowned upon (and highly illegal.) Some kind of silly security measures or other. LOL The lock (directly below me in the picture) is where they regulate the water in order to allow boats and barges to go through.
As I mentioned, there was a tugboat and barge in the lock working their way through.
It was windy up there, and I wasn't wearing panties. I wondered if the guy on the walkway and barge below could tell.
Finally the other spectators left and we had a chance for our shot.
On our way out, I couldn't help flashing W one more time. Just for good measure.

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Sinful Sunday

Friday Favorites – Week of April 22

My favorites from this past week’s Wanton Wednesday & Sinful Sunday and one from this month’s edition of e[lust].

First up:  Peek a Boo: Because I like little red dresses. Oh, and hints of rope and the hand holding it.

Because don’t we all have one? The Hottest Girl I Never Fucked.

Because apparently I need to stop thinking about the music I am listening to when I run and start daydreaming: Why I Run.

Of course I’d pick nakedness and horseback riding: Perverting the Pommel.

And one last one from one of my fave blogs, Pandora Blake’s Spanking Blog.  Not sure how I missed this one in my first read-thru of e[lust], especially as I so  empathize with her conflict over stress, tress-relief, needs & wants and asking for it: Nice vs Good.  Also, spanking!!!

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Sinful Sunday – More Assisted Yoga

One last picture from our B&B weekend, from morning yoga on that Sunday, before we checked out.

I’m actually not fond of the way this “assisted” pose turned out, but I think that may be because I can’t get the backbend that I want to achieve due to back issues and just not being “bendy” enough, so the image I have in my head is not what is represented here. (Also, it tuned out the mechanics were not quite right, as you can see in the bottom photo, the very things I wanted to feature about the bed, the high headboard and footboard, allowed me to lean into it too much.)  What I do like about this is the expression on what little you can see in my face in the top photo: a calmness, a repose and deep concentration.  That is how I feel when I am completely in the pose, when I am not allowing the “I’m not good enough” part of my psyche fuck me up.

I love the sun salutation itself, and I hope to someday be able to increase my flexibility so that I can manage more bend. The pose itself makes me feel a conflict of emotion though: I love the pose, I love how my heart opens and soars with it, I love the feeling of praise and exultation; but my own inability to “do it better” hampers my enjoyment of it, and this, I know, is exactly counter to the whole mindset of yoga. I am not “in” the pose when I am worrying about what it looks like from the outside.  So it is a challenge to myself to both accept me and honor myself and to still push myself to do better.

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