Wicked Wednesday – Alphabet Challenge: G is for Graveyard

I figured since I posted my last Alphabet Challenge out of sequence, I better post the next one in the sequence, or ya’ll think I don’t know my alphabet.  And since this one felt especially wicked (though it looks so very sweet!) I decided I’d use it for this week’s Wicked Wednesday (now in its new home!)

I’ll be in New Orleans all the rest of this week – hoping to be able to make a couple updates from the scene of the crime, the Naughty in Nawlins’ swinger convention, but I don’t know if I will make it around to all the Wicked Wednesday’s and Sinful Sunday’s, and definitely won’t have a Friday Faves this week.  But I will try to get around to everyone next week, so keep that sinful, sexy wickedness coming!

And now, the rest of the Alphabet Challenge – G is for Graveyard photos that I hinted at in my cemetery Scavenger Hunt post.

The Bellefontaine Cemetery is one of the oldest in St. Louis, and we went way back to the oldest part of it. I loved reading the headstones from the 1800’s. Some were so worn away that we couldn’t read them at all. And the grounds are just gorgeous.
I actually wanted them to tie me straddling or bent over the grave marker, but W is (surprisingly, to me) more reverent than I would have thought (and than I am, certainly!) So W just had Ad tie me next to the marker.
The dress, a thrift store find that my friend Mj helped me alter in a very special way, really made this shoot, giving it a genteel, old-fashioned feel that I love.
Just being in it made me feel a little angelic.
I can’t maintain that sweetness for long tho – the sass has got to come out!
Of course we all know by now what the dress’s secret is.
And why I hardly needed rope on me to feel wicked!

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Wicked Wednesday – Summer

I’m jumping into Rebel’s Wicked Wednesday (finally!) The prompt this week is “summer.”

To me, summer means vacation. Usually that means beach and water and sun, but this year my vacations were all woods and camping adventures.

Oh, and kinky. Did I forget to mention that?

Enjoying the shady woods in the summer heat – gotta stay out of the sun, right?
Of course the Guys make it interesting with rope, a gag and a crop. And some creative use of skewers!
Camping or not, a girl’s still gotta wear her heels, though. At least according to W.

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Wicked Wednesday