February Photofest – Day ?

I’ve fallen down on the Photofest by a few days, but I’m going to cut myself some slack – the Canadian and I spent a couple days at a resort, playing like tourists, and I think I only got my laptop out once. Then we had a travel-and-get-acquainted-with-my-new-place day here in Tulum, and then he left to go back to Playa del Carmen and I spent the day at the beach and indulging myself with a massage by the ocean and some alone-time.

Now I’m set up here in the sweetest little AirBnB, where I’ll be on my own for the next three days, before he comes back, bringing Kitty with him. I haven’t seen her in two years, since Cuba, when I first started seeing him, though we have kept in close touch on Messenger, FaceTime and Marco Polo all this time. And then? It’s back to the airport and home again.

But today…polka dots.

Just a peek.

Picture Request – Glasses

One of the first Picture Requests that I did was something I never actually published here. I put some of the pics up on my Fetlife profile, but posting them here felt a bit…edgy…to me at the time. I know, sounds ridiculous, right? But there you have it.  Anyway, I’ve decided to be brave for all of you out there not on Fetlife, cuz you know, that’s me – giving.

The request involved me in glasses getting…messy. Specifically, with cum on my face and on them. What made this so much fun was that we mixed it with a Work from Home Day, so that the entire morning was filled with real work…

Phone calls...

...and reports to write...

…while W was also playing Boss in his own special way.

"Get to work!"

That's hard to do when one's hands are tied.

And sometimes he had "other" uses for my hands...

..for my mouth...

...and for other body parts.

I *did* try to do my work properly.

But sometimes a Boss must enforce discipline...

...in a myriad...

...of ways.

But eventually I managed to get the project done.

Thank you to my special friend that requested this picture! I hope you have enjoyed how it all “worked” out. ;-)

You can also find the rest of this series (with many more photos) on Bondage Demons. (You’ll need to be a member, although later in the week I’ll have some links for other Features open to non-members.)

If you have some exquisite bit of torment you’d like to see W visit upon my oh-so-delicate-and-innocent body, or some bit of punishment you think I really really deserve, or simply have an image in your mind that you’d like for him to capture for you in photographs, click here to go to the Picture Request Form, or click here to read more about what this whole “Picture Request” thing is about.

Wanton Wednesday – Monica Lewinski, W and Me

Sometimes I think
about Monica Lewinski

and how she kept the President’s semen
on her dress

crusty and white in her closet
for months.

Blackmail material,
I used to think.

wearing the panties
and dress
I last wore
at his house
crusted with his and my dried juices
that I deliberately saved
stuffed in my bag
like Monica’s dress in the back of her closet…

I think I understand.

I wonder how often she took out that dress
smelled his musky scent and
saw him there

in the essence he’d left behind.



I usually do my Work from Home day on Thursdays, but due to one of my Senior Team being on my office tomorrow, I switched my WfH Day to today.

In addition, I usually do my WfH Day at W’s, but he is in Florida, so it doesn’t make much sense for me to be there at his house if he’s not (unless he requests me to do so in order to have me perform a specific kinky task that I can’t do at home for him.) But I didn’t want to just hang out here in sweatpants and a t-shirt, you know? WfH days have been special a special way for he and I to share my professional life, while also getting to kinkify things a bit, and I don’t want to lose that just because he’s not here.

Also, I wanted to do something that would surprise (and hopefully please) him. ;-)

So in spite of being home alone, I’m wearing the dress above, thong panties and red fuck-me pumps…

And slutty sexretary make-up…

And the pencil behind my ear that W required as my Wearable today.

What I didn’t count on…

Is that my regularly scheduled Wednesday conference call…


Whether it’s a little naked or a lot naked, baring your soul or baring your body parts, you are welcome to join us! Yes, you! Words, photos, whatever you want to share that is Wanton will fit right in. Rules? Just a few. Make sure you read up on them over at the Help page.

Be sure and go by and check out all the Wantoness happening over on the Wanton Wednesday blog!

Wanton Wednesday

What I Needed

Pushed to the floor, carpet beneath my knees; elbows
one hand on my back, pinning me
the other grinding my face into the carpet.
His voice in my ear
abrading me
inflaming me
inciting me.
His cock in my ass
impaling me
fucking me
tearing me open
staking me to the floor.

Rug burn on my knee in the morning.

I needed that.

Today I am in chains. Around my throat, around my ankle. I need that, too.

Work from Home Wednesday: A Snapshot & Pictorial

Today’s post is an illustrated summary of the silly posts I made on Fetlife yesterday while I worked from W’s  house.

Some days I crack myself the hell up.

This day, W wanted to try out some of the “toys” he’s found recently while he’s been on a house reorganization binge.  A full day with me here at his mercy is obviously the day to do it. The trick was to not limit my abilities to perform my real job. Cuz yeah, I got one.

My Good Morning post of the day: W says his hand is hurting. He finally figured out why…from this morning’s activity. Apparently I have superstrong, er, girlparts. “Sacrifices must be made,” he says. I’m behind that 100%!

I love it that curling his hand inside my cunt hurt his hand.  Didn’t hurt my girlparts much.  In fact, felt damn good.  Well, maybe because I kinda like the hurt.  You know the saying, “Hurt’s so good”?  A perfect way to wake up.

He started off with something simple: handcuffs.

He, of course, had to use them in a way they are not normally used (and probably not approved for!)

After a bit of time I guess he decided I had it too easy, because he moved up to something a little more…invasive.

My new friend "Hitch."

I had to share my new buddy on Fetlife.

10 AM: There’s something so wrong about typing an email to a work colleague w/ one hand so I can hold the bar w/the the trailer hitch attached to it in my cunt w/the other.

One-handed typing.

10:15 AM:Oh how thoughtful–he tied it in. What a nice Boss I have.

Coffee break. (Click to see "pretties".)

10:25 AM: Also. Pretty pink panties and lavender beads around a dull metal bar? Wrong too. 

  • (Name) commented:  Interesting…your definition of “wrong” and my definition of “pretty” are exactly the same!

Yeah, I think W feels much the same. lol

10:30 AM And, um…I just found out if I move (carefully!) it hits JUST the right spot…

11:30 AM: Also, he poo-poo’d using lube for the trailer hitch. “You produce enough lube all on your own.” He was right, of course.

We had errands to run for lunch, so W reconfigured me for going out in the wide world. He gave me the choice between the j-hook and my tit collars.  I chose the tit collars.  And a semi-sheer t-shirt with no bra all on my own.

11:45 AM: W just said of my tit-collared nipples (when I asked if they were too obvious in my semi-sheer tshirt to go out to lunch): “No! They make cute little tweaky buttons.” ‘Tweaky buttons!’ Hah!

  • (Name) commented: lol you’ve got tweak buttons!
  • (Name) commented: I wish Fet had a like button because that just made my day
  • (Name) commented: No one will notice them – they won’t be able to get past the trailer hitch…

(Click for "tweaky buttons!)

I was warm, so the Boss let me strip down a bit to cool down when we got back from lunch.

2 PM: The Boss says I need 2 update my status. Back home, tit collars still on, but he’s added new fun-the metal bra he made 4 me. It’s hot too, so I’m stripped down to a pink thong (& pink heels to match.)

And no, @name, I did not go to lunch with the lovely trailer hitch still stuffed up my cunt!

W is all about improving on prototypes, though, and he can’t ever let me get off easy.  In fact, later he made some additional “improvements”…at least he felt they were.

Click thru for his "improvement."

5 PM: Yay! Workday is over…and now we play! Basement, here I come…

Did I say “Yay”? If you knew what he put me through in the basement, you’d wonder how I could begin to say “yay.”

Oh wait, you will know, soon, when I write about it here. Stay tuned!

Work from Home Wednesday

Yesterday was Work from Home Wednesday.  That’s right, I’ve changed my weekly work from home day to Wednesdays, just so I could get some alliteration.  I’m neurotic like that.

Okay, not really.  But it works nicely, huh?

Anyhow, I got to work from W’s, and boy oh boy was he back in fine fine fine Bossy Boss form!  He had several requirements for his sexretary on this day:

1. Appropriate attire, to include the proper heels
2. Hourly “Penetrations” to be documented here, on Fetlife & Twitter
3. The usual office tasks (keep the Boss’s coffee hot, correspondence, web work, etc.), many of which were to be performed during my hourly penetrations

I sported a pinstripe "suit" for work. ~clickety-click~ for the rest of the "suit"

An Accounting of My Hourly Penetrations

“You are required to be penetrated at least once per hour during the workday,” the Boss said.

8:10 am – in bed, me on top
We started before he’d told me it was a job requirement. Hey, I’m a horny girl!  It’s difficult to wake up next to W with a boner and not climb on for a morning ride…

9:43 am – bent over the desk, from behind
10:55 am – sitting on the edge of the desk
“Spread your legs,” he said. “Scoot to the edge of the desk and put your hole out here–c’mon.” He grasped me by the knees and drug me to the edge of the desk, spreading my cuntlips, opening my hole and positioning me on the edge of the desk.  I was just an open hole there for him to shove into.

An hour of work had passed since he’d last fucked me from behind, but not fucking me long enough so that I had time to come–it was just a task, he was just performing a function: achieve “full penetration” (and getting me just to the point of getting worked up) before pulling out and giving me a shove to get back to work.

Of course this was making me crazy.  Horny. Frustrated.  And having him make me open myself that way to him, on the edge of the desk–DAMN.  By the next penetration I was a hot, panting mess before we’d even started.

11:43 am – flat on my belly on the floor
He tells me to lay down on my belly, facing away from him. When I move hesitantly, unsure of what he wants, he pushes me down brusquely, pulling my legs straight, but keeping them together, and shoving me between the shoulder blades to lay flat.  “Lay on your tits,” he says, the crude word and his demeanor sending heat rushing through me even as he pushes my face against the carpet and orders me to put my hands behind my neck.  He lays on top of me, completely covering me, enveloping me with his body, pinning me, and shoves into me from behind, between my rings, which feel laced closed against him.  My face grinds into the rug and I am immobilized by his weight, and yet I am so excited I still squirm, even as he presses down harder onto me, into me.  Jesus fuck I am so incredibly worked up I can feel my wetness pouring down my thighs.  And then he is coming inside me, shuddering in his climax.  It is so unexpected and yet so fucking perfect. I am feeling a little dazed, very submissive, very used, a hole there for his use only.

12:35 pm – desk chair, me on top, reverse cowboy
During a conference call.  Even though the phone is on mute I stifle my cries as he fingers me while I slide up and down on his cock until, finally, I come, just as the call ends.  He gives me a “performance review”: “When you are on a work call you need to have your work documents up on your computer screen.”  I have no idea what was on the screen OR what the call was about.

1:35 pm – leaning over the filing drawer, from behind, while alphabetizing his files
He really DOES need a secretary, if his alphabetizing skills are any indication.

2:00 pm – from behind, standing up at his supplies closet, inventorying office supplies
He’s got LOTS of old stuff, and some I don’t even recognize!

3:59 pm – under the desk on hands and knees
Just barely made my 3pm penetration, because we’d been out to lunch.  This was degrading for some reason. And hot because it was. And I came like five times because it was. And I have a rug burn on my shoulder.

4:46 pm – on my back on the desk, legs up, hands holding my ankles
I think my brain is turned to mush. I’ve been fucked into mush. “I think you’ll need to work overtime,” he says.

5:59 pm – standing up at the shredder, from behind
Working overtime…5pm penetration almost didn’t happen in time due to equipment malfunction (office equipment, not W’s. LOL) But I made it.

6:54 pm – old school fucking, flat on my back on the Boss’s desk
Holy fuck. What a way to end the day. Oh yes.  The Boss shoots his load inside me fucking me amid the mess in the middle of his desk.  Slippery cum, Boss pleased, happy office sexretary slut-girl.

Looks like my next task should be to clean his desk, eh?

Much later, after running to Target to get me clothes suitable to wear to work the next day (this was an unexpected Wednesday Work at Home Day), curled up on the couch, I blinked blearily at W. “We played all day without actually playing,” I said, meaning no bondage, no overt BDSM play. “And yet I was really flying there by the end.”  He laughed and nodded (clearly proud of himself.)

He had fucked me into subspace.

Working from Home – Skills

There are a few specific skills one must have to be W’s Sexretary.  One of course is the ability to wear the highest of heels.  The other is to keep him hard throughout the day.

There are other skills that come up, and that this sexretary perhaps does not have the skillset for, but he is a good Boss and is always willing to assist in my quest to be the Best Sexretary Ever. The desire for self-improvement is high on his list of necessary qualities in a sexretary.

On this day I had a conference call with several coworkers throughout my region.  The Boss thought I needed some practice being “on mute” as I would be for the call, so he took me upstairs to assist me in practicing that particular skill.

Stairs are tricky with no hands. But a good Sexretary must be willing to meet the challenges her Boss sets before her.

Helping me learn "mute." What a good Boss-always ready to lend his Sexretary a hand!

Kneeling gracefully is also a necessary part of my skillset for this job.

Having acquired the proper skills, W took me back downstairs for my conference call.

Typing one-handed was a skill I had to learn on the fly. So to speak.

Communication skills are also a necessity.

As is the ability to multitask.

Doing a job well has its rewards though - the Boss took me out to lunch!

Of course I had to be attired & accessorized properly.

Right down to the heels!

I love my job!

(If you look closely, you may find a couple click-thrus just for fun!)


Wanton Wednesday – Steel & Lace

I love the juxtaposition on steel and lace in this pic.  It was taken this week when I finally got a teeny bit of playtime, the first in weeks and weeks, because of W being out of town for a month and then me being on medical “hiatus.” I feel like I’m starting to get back to “normal” (whatever that is!) and later W helped me feel even more so by pushing the edges of the nice sweet pic that I had in mind with a twist of his own. (Bless the man.) Click thru to see his version of steel and lace.

As an aside, I think most you probably saw my first 30 Days of Kink–Defining My Kinky Self post, in which I described my kinky self in terms of my relationship with submission. It is an emotional definition, because for me, the heart of kink is the emotional resonance it has for me.  That truly is why I do what I do.

There is another side though too. The purely physical side. The fun side. The side that loves gadgets and toys and restraints and play and dressing up and being tied up and the purely physical sensations of what it is we do.  The joy and laughter and pleasure and pain and flying and being high and crying and coming and just being alive and so in sync with another human being that for those moments, there is nothing else but the two (or three) of you.

Somehow I never got around to talking about that in that piece.

It’s all in these two pictures, though (at least for me.) It was all right there in that morning and the following evening as I started to stretch my physical wings again with W’s help.  (Or should that be “help.”) ;-)  Honest, I was having fun!

Happy Wanton Wednesday, everyone!

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Work from Home Tuesday

I’ve mentioned that working from home hasn’t been as fun as it had been previously, since I’m not at W’s and he’s not here, but today, in celebration of some dynamic adjustments (that I am working on a post about), he sent me instructions!  So, for your (and his) enjoyment, I present my Working from Home attire today.

"Wear a thong," he said. "Preferably an itty-bitty one."

I think this pair qualifies.

What I didn't tell him is that I am wearing my super-high high heels, too. I've been wearing them faithfully at least for a short while every day since he's been gone.

I think they look better without the yoga pants, though. Don't you?