Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #6

As promised, the last of the orgasms inspired by the 6×6 Matrix Picture Request. Read about the rest here:  Orgasm #1, Orgasm #2, Orgasm #3, Orgasm #4 (Fail), Orgasm #4 (Success) and Orgasm #5.

Orgasm #6

1. 6 orgasms in one day – #6

2. 6 different hours of the day – 8:14 PM

3. 6 different locations – Hotel room, Memphis

4. 6 different positions – On my hands and knees, with one knee up on the coffee table

5. 6 different masturbation toys – Favorite wooden dildo

6. 6 different kink accessories – Special nipple clamps

By the time we got to the hotel, I was pretty exhausted. Six hours of orgasms may sound like a lot of fun but…

Okay, it is a lot of fun. But exhausting! I wasn’t even sure I had another one in me.

“Oh yeah, you got another one in you,” W said. And he set up the scene.

One leg up on the coffee table in the center of the hotel room.
I chose my favorite wooden dildo. It needed a little “fluffing” to get it up. ;-)
Special clamps that W made. They are actually quite nice. I love the firm pressure they provide. Also? They are kind of pretty. In a woodshop project sort of way.
I got down to business.
Working it…
Another success!

Apparently, I did have another one in me.

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Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #5

Read about Orgasms 1, 2, 3, 4 (Fail) and 4 (Success).

Orgasm #5

1. 6 orgasms in one day – #5

2. 6 different hours of the day – 6:29 PM

3. 6 different locations – Lone Star Restaurant, somewhere off Hwy 55, north of Memphis

4. 6 different positions – Standing against the wall of the women’s room

5. 6 different masturbation toys – Fingers

6. 6 different kink accessories – Locking bra

At this point I think we were running out of unique places, and time. We knew we’d need one more before we arrived at the hotel, where we planned to stage the last one, and we wanted to leave for the play party we were attending by 8pm, so the Guys decided I’d have to attempt another restroom fuck.

W accessorized me in my locking bra to wear into the restaurant.
From the front.
And Ad chimed in that I should go pantiless.

I forgot to bring my phone into the bathroom, but it was a standard restaurant bathroom. This time, thank goodness, the stalls were individual ones with full walls and a regular door.

And there wasn’t a harassed mom or whining kid.

There was, however, a worker standing at the sink, wiping it down listlessly with a paper towel, when I emerged from the stall 10 minutes later, flushed and still panting a little.  She gave me one quick look, then rushed out.

All I could think of was Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary, crying out her boss’ name in the bathroom at her office.

Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #4 – A Do-Over & Success!

Success!  Here’s my initial failure.

The Guys made me try again once I got back to the car.  I actually kind of whined about it. I had tried, I had failed. On to the next thing, right?  But no, they were determined that I should succeed at the challenge set before me…

I was actually afraid W might make me use the Njoy in my ass…the side with the balls is made for that sort of play, and I’ve never used it like that (or had it used on me – more’s the pity.) (How many times does a girl got to hint?) ;-) But he let me use it in my cunt, which the curved side is made perfectly for.
I actually tried with my hand first, but…no “joy.” My head was not in the right place (“I gotta poo!” was still ringing in my ears.)
So W relented and let me use Baldy.
That did the trick.
And after, as a bonus, I was so sensitive that when I put my hand back down there, I came again with the Njoy giving me a powerful g-spot orgasm as well.
I love my Njoy! (And the Guys for making me do a do-over.) ;-)

PS – There might be a bonus click-thru. :-D

Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #4 – FAIL

Up to this point, Orgasms 1, 2 and 3 had gone down pretty seamlessly.

Number 4 was my first FAIL.

Orgasm #4 – FAIL

1. 6 orgasms in one day – #4

2. 6 different hours of the day – 5:20 PM

3. 6 different locations – Gas station, somewhere off Hwy 55, north of Memphis

4. 6 different positions – On the toilet in the gas station bathroom

5. 6 different masturbation toys – My Njoy Pure Wand

6. 6 different kink accessories – Chains connected to my cunt rings

I have a thing about being made to do nasty things in bathrooms. Probably goes along with my whole bodily-fluids issue.  Add to that memories of the many nasty gas stations bathrooms I have encountered in road trips back and forth across our fine nation, and you have the makings of a hot set-up (one of my dirtiest fantasies is to be shoved down on a dirty, nasty, mens’ bathroom floor (or maybe even into that disgusting pee trough they used to have in them? – EWW!) – and fucked by a couple (or maybe 12) men, then pissed on and left. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t confess to how thoroughly disgusting and twisted some of my fantasies are.) Anyway…!

This wasn’t it.

While the idea was hot…(go in the bathroom, wearing your chains, and fuck yourself on the toilet)…the implementation didn’t quite work out the way we planned.

Walking into the gas station convenience store, my chains clearly visible.

My first indication that this wasn’t going to work was the sheer number of people in the aisles of the store. I am not such an exhibitionist that I don’t care if people see my perversions…I love the idea of wearing something that might be visible, like the tit collars, or that is only known to my Owner and I, like a buttplug, but I really don’t like freaking the ‘nillas out. Especially when there are kids around.

And there were…like 5 or 6 of the little monsters, milling about, whining for candy, and generally freaking me out a bit.

Still, I did as told and went into the bathroom, my face (I am sure) burning.

The condition of the bathroom was my second clue that things were not quite what I had envisioned.

Spacious, clean and sanitary, it also had two stalls, with only 3/4 walls between them.

Not exactly the dirty bathroom fantasy I had in my head (nor W’s, as he confirmed later.)

But I tried anyway.

Sitting on the toilet, trying to snap a pic with one hand and keep my chains from hitting the water with the other.

There was just no way it was going to work.

  1. I couldn’t manage the Njoy, and keep the chains from either clanking against and the porceline or falling into the toilet while diddling myself.
  2. Keeping the chains from clanking became absolutely necessary when one of the store patrons came in – dragging in her whining, sniveling kid with her.

Still, I figured if I could get off without the Njoy, it would still be a win. I held the chains with one hand and began to “do the deed” with the other. From the other side of the stall came the following conversation:

“Wait, Tommy, just hang on, Mommy’s gotta go pee.” <Sounds of fussing, whining kid.>

“No, Tommy! Don’t put your hand there!” <More whining.>

“Don’t open that door!”

“Put your wee-wee back right now, young man! It’s not your turn yet. Lemme just finish poo-ing…”

That’s when I beat a hasty retreat.

But never fear, W ordered a do-over, once he and Ad had stopped laughing uproariously at my failure.

Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #3

Six orgasms in six hours. Here’s how #3 went down. (Start at the beginning and see what this is all about here.)

Orgasm #3

1. 6 orgasms in one day – #3

2. 6 different hours of the day – 4:15 PM

3. 6 different locations – Hwy 55, somewhere north of Memphis

4. 6 different positions – In the back seat of the car, on hands and knees

5. 6 different masturbation toys – My pink bumpy dildo

6. 6 different kink accessories – Harness ball-gag

For Number Three, W chose my least favorite gag, his Harness Ball Gag. I will admit that the reason I dislike it so much is pure vanity: it messes my hair up intolerably, and I hate the face straps.  But, like the nosehook, I suppose, it isn’t about looking “sexy.”  So, if the goal is to evoke that little bit of humiliation that goes along with feeling like I look silly, well, it works. LOL

The gag.

It had the added bonus if being an very obvious kink toy for any potential observers driving by.

And there were many “potential observers.”

The view out the back window.

As a fun bit of juxtaposition, I chose to use my pink bumpy dildo.  It made a good foil for the industrial bondage headgear.

It’s so pretty!

And I changed shoes to my zebras. I kinda liked the zebra stripe shoes with my black and white striped socks.

I don’t think they clash, do you?

Then it was down to business.

Working it in.
Getting situated…
“Push it all the way in,” W said.
Working it…
Ahhhh…. #3!
Can I have this stupid gag out now???

Stayed tuned for #4…

Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #2

And the orgasms go on… (start at the beginning and see what this is all about here.)

Orgasm #2

1. 6 orgasms in one day – #2

2. 6 different hours of the day – 2:06 PM

3. 6 different locations – Parking lot of a Best Buy store

4. 6 different positions – In the back seat of the car, sitting up

5. 6 different masturbation toys – W’s UGLY double dildo (and my hand)

6. 6 different kink accessories – Tit suction cups

It took us a while to find the right place to do this. We tried several parking lots on the exit where we got off to get gas, but people kept walking by…finally we found a semi-secluded back side of a parking lot next to a Best Buy. Ad stayed in the car with me taking pics with my cell, while W stood on one side of the car, discretely (or maybe not so much) taking pictures.

This was where we were. W took this after I was all done…a moment later the back door of the restaurant behind us opened up and disgorged its employees – apparently the shift was over! I hastily pulled my top down over the suction cups and slid the dildo out of my ass and cunt as W got nonchalantly back in the car and Ad drove us away.

Wonder if they would appreciate the advertising…

Showing off the kinky toys…suction cups!

I love intense suction on my nipples and breasts…these are good, but not nearly intense enough (milking machine fantasy, anyone?) But still…kinda hot, huh?!

And the sex toy…

“The Ugly” I like to call it. Tho, even if it is ugly, it IS double headed, and that little ass insertion is *exactly* the right size…
W let me get it wet. Which was nasty all in and of itself.  I felt like a very bad girl sitting in the car sucking that thing.
From the inside…

~clickety click~

Getting there…

Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #1

As I mentioned in this post, for the next few days I’ll be posting the results of a special, multi-part Picture Request.

The “6×6 Matrix” refers to a game that one of my readers set up.  The rules of the game were:

1. 6 orgasms in one day

2. 6 different hours of the day

3. 6 different locations

4. 6 different positions

5. 6 different masturbation toys

6. 6 different kink accessories

All 6 events have to take place on one single day. Every set will consist of 6 items, one of each line (1-6). Jade can freely choose all items and how she would like to combine them. Every item can only be used once. Multiple orgasms will count as one. Locations have to be more than ½ mile apart from each other. For the position Jade can choose between, lying, standing, sitting, kneeling, etc. Masturbation toys can be a finger, a dildo, a shower head, etc. Kink accessories can be clamps, gags, handcuffs, butt plugs, etc. Jade should wear high heels on each event. Jade should take pictures of each event.

We decided that an ideal way to start out our trip to Memphis would be to have me attempt to fulfill the 6×6 Matrix Request on the way there. However, since I was with two Tops, they decided to change up some of the rules to suit themselves, as well as to be able to complete the requirements within the confines that the car trip imposed on us.

Basically, although they allowed me to choose which toy to use each time, they decided which ones I would be able to choose from.  The “positions” requirement was eased somewhat, due to the narrow confines of the car, but we were able to switch it up occasionally, and I was allowed to use an additional “masturbation toy” where necessary, in addition to the “required” different one.

This was a great way to start off a weekend full of play and fun, which I’ve hinted at here and here, and will be writing more about soon.  However, now, it’s time for the 6×6 Matrix!

Orgasm #1

1. 6 orgasms in one day – #1

2. 6 different hours of the day – 12:50 PM

3. 6 different locations – Home

4. 6 different positions – On back, legs held up by Ad

5. 6 different masturbation toys – Baldy (my Hitachi)

6. 6 different kink accessories – A speculum

This first orgasm was pretty easy, even in the odd position (on the floor with legs held up over my head.) But I had enough mental triggers going (having my legs held, having my cunt and ass exposed, and then having first my cunt and then my ass forced open by the speculum) that the orgasm itself was fairly quick.

The position…
The toys…
The orgasm.

Could there be any better way to start a kinky trip?

Picture Request – Elbows & Knees

Some time ago, a Picture Request came in for a special bit of bondage – and a special activity once I was bound and in place. I wasn’t made aware of the full scope of the request until they’d got me all tied up, though.  Which, in itself, was hot (having it sprung on me.) And the request itself? A definite trigger of mine…

It started out like this.

The plan was to do the request with Ad and W and then go out to dinner afterward, without allowing me to change into anything more appropriate before we went to dinner (not part of the request, that was their own fun thrown in.) I was to remain dressed just as I was for the request, in a short black skirt, black stockings and red heels, with a sexy red top to match – which outfit was part of the request.  W cocked an eyebrow when I came down the stairs in my outfit. I think he was pleased, and maybe even more so to know that he and Ad were going to be taking me out in public like that soon.

We had a drink, and then W directed Ad to tie me in the position requested.

There’s something naughty about black stockings and red heels…and rope around a girl’s ankles.
He’s oh-so-serious.
He took the opportunity to do some of his favorite things…such as spanking my pussy.
And grabbing and squeezing various body parts.
And spanking my ass.

But after he messed with me awhile, it was back to the serious stuff! We had a Picture Request to fulfill, after all.

The tie was a pretty one, with me on elbows and knees and my feet and hands bound so that I couldn’t put them on the floor.

Then they told me what they were going to do to me. Each of them, one after the other, were going fuck my ass, until it was a wet, gaping hole.  Then they were going to plug me up with my Njoy and we were going out to dinner.

You’re going to do what?
Ad allowed me to get him wet first.
Then he pushed me down and told me to present myself to him and the camera.

They took some seriously raunchy photos, with Ad pulling my ass open for the camera, but I can’t bring myself to post them here. I imagine that W will post them to BondageDemons soon, though, and will update you if he does, for you pervs that really wanna see that stuff.

Then the real fun began…

Ad got to take a shot at me first…
Even with spit-lube, he wasn’t gentle.
Then it was W’s turn. He’s NEVER gentle.
“Look at the camera, slut!”

The Request actually asked for a more graphic picture of the “results” of their administrations, but as I said, I won’t post it here. There might be a click-thru on how the Guys plugged me up to take me to dinner, though. (And just cuz I luvs ya’ll, you might find some other click-thrus here and there of a little more graphic nature as well.) ;-)

End Picture Request, right?

Well…not quite. There’s more. (There’s always more, isn’t there?)

Here’s a little about my triggers…  Of course ass-fucking is one, and both my men using my ass? Super hot!  But also, even more so is cum in my ass (or my cunt.) Multiple men’s semen dripping from me, one cock after the other pushing into me, into the other man’s semen, sliding in and refilling me…

Fuck.  Unbelievably hot.

I didn’t even know that was a trigger until…I don’t know…one time W whispered it my ear. But ever since, there it has lived, an abiding image that fuels my fantasies.  Unfortunately, because barebacking with multiple men is not usually an acceptable past-time, it’s one that may have to remain just a fantasy (except with W and Ad.) Though, who knows…? There may be a way to accomplish it safely.

Anyway, that didn’t quite happen in this scenario – I only got one of them, but later, the next morning as a matter of fact, I got them both in my cunt. That was good enough. ;-)

(Did I just say “good enough”?? Jesus I’m getting  jaded.  That was freakin’ hot as well, having W holding me down while Ad fucked me, eventually shooting his load inside me; then W rolling right over on top of me and sliding into my wet, cum-filled hole while Ad pinned my thighs open, and eventually unloading into me as well. That was the morning we went to breakfast, and I refused to take a shower before we did…wanting to feel their slime inside me, coating my thighs; knowing no one else knew what we’d just done. “Good enough” my ass!)

A secondary trigger (that I allude to up there and that surprised me) was them making me go to dinner that night with the plug in my ass. It wasn’t just having the plug in tho: it was that it was stuffed into me, holding the semen inside me. All night I envisioned their slime leaking from me, around the plug. All night I felt that wetness in my ass, and it made a corresponding wetness in my cunt.

All in all, I’d have to say that this particular Picture Request was quite a success.


If you have some exquisite bit of torment you’d like to see W visit upon my oh-so-delicate-and-innocent body, or some bit of punishment you think I really really deserve, or simply have an image in your mind that you’d like for him to capture for you in photographs, click here to go to the Picture Request Form, or click here to read more about what this whole “Picture Request” thing is about.

Picture Request – Glasses

One of the first Picture Requests that I did was something I never actually published here. I put some of the pics up on my Fetlife profile, but posting them here felt a bit…edgy…to me at the time. I know, sounds ridiculous, right? But there you have it.  Anyway, I’ve decided to be brave for all of you out there not on Fetlife, cuz you know, that’s me – giving.

The request involved me in glasses getting…messy. Specifically, with cum on my face and on them. What made this so much fun was that we mixed it with a Work from Home Day, so that the entire morning was filled with real work…

Phone calls...
...and reports to write...

…while W was also playing Boss in his own special way.

"Get to work!"
That's hard to do when one's hands are tied.
And sometimes he had "other" uses for my hands...
..for my mouth...
...and for other body parts.
I *did* try to do my work properly.
But sometimes a Boss must enforce discipline...
...in a myriad...
...of ways.
But eventually I managed to get the project done.

Thank you to my special friend that requested this picture! I hope you have enjoyed how it all “worked” out. ;-)

You can also find the rest of this series (with many more photos) on Bondage Demons. (You’ll need to be a member, although later in the week I’ll have some links for other Features open to non-members.)

If you have some exquisite bit of torment you’d like to see W visit upon my oh-so-delicate-and-innocent body, or some bit of punishment you think I really really deserve, or simply have an image in your mind that you’d like for him to capture for you in photographs, click here to go to the Picture Request Form, or click here to read more about what this whole “Picture Request” thing is about.

Picture Request – Sweater Bondage

Occasionally we get a Picture Request that isn’t necessarily “our thing,” but usually we find a way to make it fun. (A good example of that is the Bastinado Request. Because W’s so into heels, he’d never really considered bastinado as a form of torture, in spite of me having expressed an interest in it. Doing it for the request, however, he found that he really enjoyed it.)  The request for having me bound in a sweater wasn’t quite that far off W’s interests, though: it’s bondage, right?  So tho he’s never had a thing for a girl in a sweater, he was perfectly happy to fulfill it. (Though now that I think of it, Ad does have a bit of a sweater fetish – the softer and tighter the sweater the better – so maybe if we do another sweater bondage shoot we’ll have to conscript Ad and have him “help” out.) ;-)  In any case, this particular request wasn’t sent in as an “official” request, but as a comment on my Cardinal Red pictures, in which I was wearing a sweater. “More sweater bondage” was the comment.

It was a day that I knew I’d have a long lunch hour, so I asked W if we couldn’t do a little bondage at lunch. He suggested the sweater bondage request, and I spent the night before picking out the pieces of my outfit: sweater, skirt and tights all in sweater material!  W ended up doing a pretty, but quite restrictive, tie on me, with the final touch being using my scarf (also of softest cashmere) as a blindfold. Fun!

Without the blindfold, and me being goofy. (Isn't that pretty ropework?)
Here it is with the scarf/blindfold.
The back of the tie, so you can see I wasn't just resting my elbows on the shelf.
And a couple of close-ups. Of the front...
...and from the side.

And interesting (and unexpected) side effect of this was that I don’t often get blindfolded in scene with W. He likes to see my facial expressions, to read my emotions in my eyes, to look at me and know what I am feeling. But being blind adds a degree of vulnerability that, although I have experienced it a couple of times in the past, I wasn’t prepared for. In this instance, because my time was so limited, he didn’t do anything else to me, but as soon as I was rendered blind, all my senses went on super-alert, and suddenly every sound and motion I could detect was a potential threat.  It was an unusual sensation, and one I hope to explore further at some future time.

If you have some exquisite bit of torment you’d like to see W visit upon my oh-so-delicate-and-innocent body, or some bit of punishment you think I really really deserve, or simply have an image in your mind that you’d like for him to capture for you in photographs, click here to go to the Picture Request Form, or click here to read more about what this whole “Picture Request” thing is about.