e[lust] #11

e[lust] #11 is here, and I’m proud to say that “Sometimes Poly IS Hard” from A Poly Life is in the Top 3!
HNT courtesy of Neptune Blue

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Sometimes poly IS hardThe difficulties one faces in managing healthy interpersonal relationships, and the skills one employs in overcoming those difficulties, are the same whether you are monogamous or poly or something in between.

Artist and Model – I’m drawing her furiously along with everyone else in the class. I know her name is Janice because a long time ago we’d been acquaintances, then lovers for a night, and then I didn’t see or hear from her again.

His Boots – He’s my fix. I’m his addiction. Maybe we’re just each other’s junkies? I can never tell when i’m close enough to breathe him in I cease to care about anything else.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

I need a new highway….

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

Nerds are NOT this season’s must-have accessory – Being a nerd doesn’t mean you grew up unpopular and tormented, that you have a high-paying job, that you like Star Trek, that you’re socially awkward, that you never exercise, that you run Linux on your computer, that you’re highly educated, that you have low self esteem, or that you have trouble getting dates.

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New posts on APL & Eden Cafe

I have new posts over on A Poly Life and on Eden Cafe about poly relationships. The one on APL is one of a new series I am doing, answering questions people have asked me about being poly and poly relationships.  I’m enjoying it a lot already, and have quite a list of questions/topics already started, but if you have any that you’d like to ask me, feel free to drop me a line.

But of course the standard disclaimers apply:  This is all just my personal experience. I don’t claim to be an expert.  Your Mileage May Vary.  Etc., etc.  You know the drill.

Other Bits & Pieces

I’ve got a couple of new posts over on A Poly Life:

Bits & Pieces: on kids, my delayed snow delivery, girl-dates & other minutia of daily life here in Jade-land;

Being Open: a snapshot of my work life, and my musings about being “open” (or not) at work;

Firebug: courtesy of Thanksgiving weekend, a “hot” photo and something you may not have known about me.

As always, they all open in new windows so you won’t lose your place here.

Birthday Pretzel

New post over on APL: I love you. And you, and you, and you…

I started that post over here originally, wanting to share the sexy fun I had Thursday as first W, then A, turned me into a pretzel.  But then I ended up thinking too much and it ended up being a post about whether monogamy is realistic rather than the sexy post I had originally planned…

But I couldn’t leave you all with only the “head thoughts” post, now could I?  THAT original post goes something like this:

Early morning at W’s. A rough two days for me in various ways, so though I was at the Mean Guy’s house, he wasn’t especially mean, and we had two days of mostly vanilla time.  Except for sleeping in shackles. Oh, and except for the shelf, too.  Hehe. But that’s for another post. Anyway.

Thursday morning comes, and I awaken thinking about the fact that I have spent two days at W’s with no rope on me. I look over my head at the ropes on his wall, imagining them wrapped around my wrists, as they have been so many times before…


And before I know it, W is on top of me and my wrists are tied. “Did I say that in my outside voice?” I think. But no, we’re just “In Sync.” And then suddenly he is pushing my ankles up too, and my ankles are tied to my wrists, up there by my face, and I am a pretzel, and he has access to all of me, and he is fucking me…and his mouth is on me, and I can’t move…

He gets up and goes to his dresser.  I hear him rummaging around, tho I can’t see what he’s doing, or what he brings back to use on me.  In fact, I don’t know what he is using until later, when I look down beside the bed and see the fat wooden dildo laying there on the floor.  All I know is the feeling as he pushes it inside of me, the feeling of being split open, of being stretched wide, of being so damned full, of it pressing up into me, hitting that favorite spot inside, the feel of his hand grinding it into me and his mouth, hot hot hot on me, and me with my legs tied up and my body folded in on itself, me unable to move, just a hole, a slash waiting there for his mouth and hands and cock.

And then later that night, after work and birthday dinner, I am home with Ad and we crawl into bed, our bellies full of a fine food and our veins and our heads full of wine, and he kisses me deeply, as if to drink the wine from my mouth as he pushes his cock into my tender flesh.  I gasp and open to him, I am wet and deep and he is thrusting inside me and then suddenly he draws my legs up and pulls them over his shoulders and he presses down onto me, into me, heavy, compressing me, my ankles crossed behind his neck, my knees up in my face and once again, I am pretzel girl.

A birthday pretzel.

HNT & Writing

I almost forgot!  I have a new HNT up over on A Poly Life.  One of the many reasons I love to run…and wear 5 inch heels…

Oh!  And another piece of writing on Eden Cafe: So You Want to Go to a Kink Convention, a primer for newcomers to all the kinky fun that can be had at a big kink event.

I’ve been having so much fun writing for them, and now I’ve saved up enough writing dinero to get a new toy!  I’ve been having lovely fun with my glass buttplugs, but I am thinking of trying some stainless steel. Not the least reason of which is that, as ya’ll know, W likes an Industrial Girl, and what could be more industrial than having stainless steel shoved up your ass?  Pfun or Pure Plug, which should I choose?

Too bad they don’t carry anal hooks.

I hesitated to post this here, because you know, over here I am all smut and hot sex and fucking and the guys and girls that I do and get done by…all that fun stuff.  But then I realized I may have a few readers that are wondering why I’ve been so quiet this past week, and maybe I should share a bit about it.  This past week I have been in a personal hell the likes of which I never thought I could be in.  You always think, “That happens in other families. That happens to other people.” And then it happens to you.

If you’re curious or care about where I’ve been and want to know a little bit of why, I’ve posted a little bit over on APL about it. Please feel free to link over, or not. If you’re just here for the sex, that’s all good too.  I get that (and that is why I separate my two blogs.)   Either way, I’ll be back soon with more sexiness, I promise.