HNT – Hand

I was looking through my pictures for something else and ran across this old pic.  Well, it’s a little over a year old, so that’s not old, but the fact that W takes so many pics makes this one seem ancient! Anyway, I just like it.  That’s Ad’s hand, and that greasy-looking shine? It’s Icy-Hot or some such. Oh, and the mark is from a wooden spoon.

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HNT- Birthday Present

W is always trying to get me to post pictures of my girlparts. I dunno why, maybe he likes them?? But I seldom do: cha cha shots, as a friend calls them, are just not my thing. “Leave a little mystery,” as my mother always used to say. But, what the heck. I’ve hinted at the rings for a while now, and it is W’s birthday…

So, Happy Birthday, Mr Mean Guy!  Love you from the bottom of my “jaded” little heart!

(Oh, and hopefully the rest of ya’ll like them too…)

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HNT – Moody Marks

Coming late again to HNT…seems like I am perpetually so lately…and I am not updating here as much as I probably should be…oh well…busy girl, right?)

Anyway, an older picture this time, actually from the first event W and I ever went to, Spanksgiving, well over a year ago now.  But it kind of reflects my mood this morning. Not because I was moody during this (in fact I was in a lovely, post-play glow, having just returned from a night of heavy sceneing at the event, high on W and all the lovely, evil, painful, frightening places he could take me.) But…somehow, now, this picture speaks to me about how I am feeling right this minute…a little moody…wanting to turn my back, withdraw a bit, to curl in on myself, hold myself close.

(PS- there’s a click-thru of the rest of the marks…)

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HNT – Precision

It’s true, I am apparently a needle slut.

I’m still cogitating on this past weekend’s events, but I wanted to share one special (and wonderfully pleasurable) part of it.

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HNT-Tied with a Bow

Thought I’d start the Christmas season early and give you a present to unwrap.

Ad is so cute when he Tops me: he ties me up in bows.  I didn’t know it until he showed me the photograph. There’s a little different angle in the click-thru (see, it really is a present to unwrap!)

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HNT – When I think about you…


When I think about you, I touch myself… The Divinyls (and Jade)

Another in the cage series from my Dear #16 post and The Mason Jar, the post I submitted for e[lusts]’s inaugural edition. (If you haven’t checked out the other sexy bloggers from the first edition of e[lust], do it now–you won’t be sorry!  Don’t worry, I’ll still be here, my links always open in a new window.)

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday, everyone!

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