Greedy Bitch

So I bought my guys some toys. The SO and I are heading up to Kinky Kollege in October, and he had indicated an BirchBundleinterest in canes, so I bought him a “starter” set from Cane-IAC, so that he’ll have several different styles to try out on some unsuspecting female of his acquaintance (huh, think that would be me?) While I was shopping I found a birch bundle, and well, I couldn’t resist. W and I have talked about birching, and it just sounds soooo deliciously fun…so I got him one.

WillowThen I saw a willow bundle, and of course I had to have one of those too.  For the sake of research.  I bought that one for A.

The package arrived yesterday, but I had to wait all through work and class and House and kids getting ready for bed before I could open it.

And then I realized another package had arrived as well, this time from Eden Fantasys! This one was paid for by the two WotW articles I wrote, one on the word bitch, the other on twat, so it made me especially happy.  And inside it were two items that A wanted me to get: two beautiful glass buttplugs. One was the 1-1/2″ Amber Plug and the other was the 2″ Sexy Spades.  Both of these got good reviews from other bloggers, and they are so pretty, they are hard to resist.

2" Sexy Spades
Sexy Spades

Of course I do get the irony of buying something because it is beautiful to insert in my ass. Maybe I like them just because of the irony.

Along with his new cupping set, I do believe we have a lot of “trying out of the new toys” to do.  I’m damn excited!

So excited that I couldn’t resist taking W’s birch rod over to his house at lunch today, rather than wait till Ad and I go over on Thursday.  And of course he had to give it a little test run on my some unsuspecting female’s butt.  I did try to resist.  Honest!

It was yummy. Switchy and stingy and not anything like I expected when I took it out of the box and saw all these poky branches bundled together.

So of course I want more. It was hard to go back to work. It’ll be harder still waiting til I get a proper “birching.” Cuz I am a greedy bitch, doncha know.

Bendy Red

A while ago I bought several toys just for me. At the time, I was having a lot of solo-sex, because A’s and my schedule was screwy, and he’s a morning sex guy and I am an afternoon-sex girl, and a lot of times the only time we saw each other was late in the evening when neither of us had the time or energy to engage in actual, for-real, sex.

Besides, I think toys are a fun way to enhance actual, for-real sex too, although it took me some years to get over the idea that if sex was “good” between you and your partner(s), you didn’t “need” toys.

Anyway, over a period of weeks and months, I eventually used all the toys (and in various and myriad bendybeads_38103ways both intended and probably not) – except one. The BendyBeads. I don’t know why it took me this long to get them out. I’ve said it before: I’m an anal slut, I love anal play, and, well, this should have been a natural.

Okay, I lied. I do know the reason. Because I may say I’m an anal slut here, I may say I like anal play here, but, in real life? Out there? Umm, not so much on the words coming out of my mouth. In fact, simply being made to say the words is pussy-wetting, acute-embarrassment-engendering humiliation-play all on its own. And anal play really needs someone else doing it to me for it to work.  It’s the humiliation factor that gets me.


There’s been a time or two that I’ve gotten that itch and scratched it myself. But usually that is accompanied by visions of them, one of the guys, doing those things to me. Forcing me. Violating my ass, using me, using my hole, making me feel like a hole put there for their use.

Sometimes, though, A has anal sex with me, or uses his fingers or toys in my ass, and even more occasionally W does, in a way that is about pure pleasure, about pleasuring me. It’s still humiliating to me, I can’t get past that. I can’t get past the humiliation I feel for liking it, for wanting it. That’s part of its (twisted) pleasure. But also there is real physical pleasure, if done right, that has nothing to do with dominance or humiliation or being used. Many times I want that…but I can’t get up the nerve to ask.  I wish I could ask for it more often.

On this one occasion, though, I did.

“Please,” I said, looking everywhere but at him, “can we try my BendyBeads?”

He was more than happy to accommodate me, as he usually is.

I straddled him, facing away, so I could get at my clit and he could get at my ass. He lubed up the toy generously.  I think I was still embarrassed, because he had to lift my ass from where I was trying to hide it against his groin. I was acutely, absurdly shy at having my ass open and waiting for him that way, but that only made me wetter. The anticipation of feeling it slip inside me, one bulbous knob at a time, was excruciating.

And…it did feel…pleasant. But one bead wasn’t going to be enough. I wanted to be filled with it, to feel heavy and full and opened wide…

I never really got that with the toy. But what I did get was almost as good.

Ad is patient. He pays attention to the signals my body is sending, he experiments until he gets it just right, until I am moaning and pushing and writhing against him, even if it takes a couple different tactics to get there. Just pushing the toy into me, even to the hilt, wasn’t doing it for me. Before, with regular anal beads, the pleasure in them was in having them pulled out, right at orgasm. With the Bendies, I was almost there, but when he went to pull them out–nothing. It was disappointment enough to chase the orgasm away. So, he did what any enterprising person would do: he pushed them back in. And lo and behold, instant pleasure. Me, saying, yes yes yes.  So, he pulled them out again. And pushed them in again.  And soon he was fucking my ass with that thing, hard, shoving it all the way in and pulling it back out over and over.  Later, he told me he was twisting it around too.  All I know is that that is what did it…soon, I was exploding into an incredible orgasm; shaking, laughing, screaming.

And seeing red.

Next, I’ll tell you about this kind of red:


Meanwhile, don’t forget to hit up Alison over at A Trollop with a Laptop and send her a story for her Scarlet Tour.

Right thinking

I can’t stop thinking about my pussy today.  Can’t stop thinking with my pussy.  Even that word–and others, “cunt” in particular–seem to be in my head a lot more often than they should be today.  I am afraid someone is going to ask me a question and I am going to say, “Yes, according to my cunt…” Of course he did tell me last night that I should be thinking with and about my cunt all the time, so I’m just being a good girl, right?

We had a “vanilla” night last night.  Vanilla being relative, since we spent the evening workimjw04990e2ng on dirty writing, on getting a new sexy feature ready for Bondage Demons (I’ll let you know when it’s up, it’s pretty hot, if I do say so myself), and looking through pictures of our recent (and not so recent) scenes.  Yummm!  Damn some of that stuff is hot.  Oh, and I happened to have my legs tied open while I worked.  So, maybe not so vanilla after all.

This is the part of being a kinky girl that I love.  Random horniness, random sexiness, random nastiness that can just crop up anywhere, anytime, even while I am sitting here at work minding my own business…

I had the funniest conversation with W last night as well about sex toys.  (Ok, SO not a vanilla night, in retrospect, but c’mon, compared to getting tied up, beat and fucked every which way?  WAY vanilla.) Anyway, I got some new sex toys in the mail, a special treat to myself.  I bought:

gigi1“Gigi”, a vibrating G-spot stimulator, because my guys can find my g-spot like nobody’s business…but…ummm…I can never seem to.  Or at least it doesn’t feel “oh-my-fucking-god!” the way it does when they touch me there.  I put forth the supposition that this is akin one not being able to tickle oneself.  Whatever the reason, I really wanted to try something else…I like that feeling, and since I like sex with myself, I wanted to find a way to do that to myself.  Clit only can be a little, well, prosaic at times.  So Gigi and I, with A in attendance, had our own little party.  And it worked pretty well, after I struggled awhile to find the spot.  But once I did–yumm!  I think that one’s a keeper.

laya_spot_46161The “Laya Spot”.  I got it because my home vibe of choice is the Cadillac of vibes, the Hitachi Magic Wand, but it’s a plug-in, it’s BIG, it’s a bit unwieldy, and, let’s face it, it has enough power to get a horse off.  Sometimes I want something…slower…gentler…less powerful.  Sometimes I want a sailboat ride as opposed to a speedboat.  Also, I can take it with me over to W’s (assuming he’d be into letting me use it), and lastly, sometimes Baldy (as I fondly refer to my Hitachi) can get in the way.  Unfortunately I tried the Laya at the same time as Gigi, and two buzzy things down there did NOT go over so well.  Gigi won out for that evening’s entertainment, but I am willing to give the Laya a proper re-trial and see how it goes next time.

What was amusing to me about talking to W about the toys is that he is just not a toy guy.  He looks at them as “cheating.”  I hope I turned him in the right direction…an orgasm is an orgasm, and sex toys are as legitimate way to find pleasure as a hand, mouth, a bit of rope or a glass dildo, and as a bonus can also be used as a torture device.  That’s why I’m not going anywhere near him with one of the other toys I bought:  Mr. BendyBeads.


I can very much imagine the fun he would have using that on my poor ass, while all I want is the yummy delicious feeling as it is gently pulled out while I orgasm.  Heh.

But you know, seriously, I am getting enough sex for a troop of Girl Scouts (oh no, did I just write that?!), so I should not be horny.  But I am.  The more I get, the more I want.  So shoot me.

Or fuck me.  Whichever.

Poor Barbie!


I never knew that the original Barbie was based on, according to this article, a German doll called Bild Lilli, which (…) was based on a prostitute from a German adult cartoon.”  That, I love.  And this quote from the article: “…the doll she created was a merchandiser’s dream. In marketing terms, her philosophy (was) that Barbie could be whatever her owner wanted…”

I always had moral issues with what is basically a sex-object being sold to our daughters as the “ideal” in feminine beauty and appeal.  I never bought them for my daughter, never played with them as a young girl.  So imagine my surprise, and…joy…when I discovered that W has Barbies and…perverts…them! He has “Bondage Barbies” in his house, and we are planning to have several out for guests to “play” with at our un-Valentine’s Day Party next Saturday; he also has an entire gallery on Bondage Demons devoted to the poor abused dolls (link to “Feature Galleries” and scroll down to “Demon Dolls”.)  Lovely Barbie bondage as well as some clever rhyming to go along with them.


Cherries Jubilee


Tooling around on the blogosphere, finding new people to read, new fun to have, new ideas to get my own flowing (to speak nothing of getting my juices flowing), I ran across this blog: Pop My Cherry written by one Domina Doll, “sex advocate, sex-radical feminist, retail slut & smut shop sales girl, lifestyle dominatrix, filmmaker and photographer.”  She has a review of this lovely toy and a contest to win one (leave a comment, random drawing) as a Valentine’s Day giveaway.  

cherryI love glass dildos.  I can’t recall ever having used one before W used one on me the other weekend, and actually am not sure I ever wanted to try one before then, tho I’d looked at them & admired them for their beauty many times.  But I loved it, its hard, slick surface, the way it warms to your body, the way it looks as it slides in.  And now I see this…now I know I have to get one.

I also found Violet Blue’s blog quite by accident.  I had run across tinynibbles way back when, when I first began my journey into erotica & BDSM, and actually had the great good fortune of meeting her at an event one time, but lost track of her, not knowing, of course, that she is a Celebrity.  Well, now I know.  And am properly humbled and awed.

What a wide, wild world the internet is!