Bloghopping, 7/12/09

Every so often, a story just grabs you by the…imagination…and awes you, stuns you, makes you want to stand up and applaud.  Violet Sex, over on H is for Harlot, is one such story. Seriously.  Go read it. I’m in love.

And then there are pictures that do that to you.  In last Thursday’s HNTs was Thursday’s Child’s amazing Hot Shoes, Hot Legs, Hot Ass HNT pictorial. I fell in love with the shoes, was stunned by her lovely, oh-so-toned legs, and then, frankly, drooled all over her hot, fish-netted ass. Had to do a wet cleanup on my computer screen.  Mmmhmm.

Not to be outdone, the luscious and talented “J” , aka “the New Girl” (now not so new), of this, this, and this post has started her own blog, and, yes, entered into the joy that is HNT with a pic that, once again, had me drooling.  Check her (and her oh-so-fine ass) out here.  Welcome to the blogosphere, darling!

Over at Alison’s place, I have a story up in her weekly writing prompt/contest. This one was entitled Girls, Girls, Girls, and featured pin-up girls, so how could I resist? The stories are submitted anonymously, so NO I am not going to tell you which one I wrote. ;-)  But go take a read and vote on your favorite!  (Okay, here’s a confession: my own story is not MY favorite on there–she’s got some amazing writers that submit to her…hmm, did I just say “submit to her”?  hehe)  but I was proud of myself for finally submitting something, and I don’t think it’s a half-bad piece of writing, for a first go.

I ran across a new blog via a comment on Carrie’s post about being a wiener (go on, head over there and congratulate her!) and the first post had me both in stitches and hot: America’s Next Top Slut.  This line is priceless: “Sometimes i find myself in situations that truly astound me.   How does a thirty-six year old soccer mom with a couple of college degrees end up with a feather duster shoved up her ass?” Go on over there to find out. Go on, I know you want to!

I’ve also been keeping an eye out for blogs that deal with BDSM from the Top/male POV lately, though I haven’t had a lot of luck finding ones that I enjoy enough to follow. In my serach tho, I stumbled on Hubman’s Hangout. I’ve “known” about him since I started following several swinging blogs, and I think he may have commented here a time or two. In any case, he has a kind of “Dear Abby for Swingers” feature that I really like.  Go take a look there as well. (Damn I am bossy this morning!)

And that’s it for now!

“Are you gonna be my girl?”

I am leaning against the car as she comes out of the convenience store, pretending to watch the gas pump into my car, but really watching for her, thinking about her, thinking about what I would do if she were mine to do things to.

She’d start toward the passenger side and I’d call her over.  When she came close I’d reach out and grab her by the hips, pull her against me, between my legs.  I’d slide my hands up the sides of her waist and around to her back; pulling her close.  One hand would slide up to the nape of her neck, left bare by her ponytail.  The other would stay, there on her back, holding her close so that I could feel her breasts press against mine, their softness, their fullness.  I’d pull her closer still and put my mouth, right there, against the side of her throat.  I’d taste the salt on her skin from the long day we’ve had, I’d smell the sweet girl scent of her, I’d feel the silky smoothness of her skin against my lips.  I’d press my body all along hers and feel the shudder race through her as I bit her ever so gently, my tongue barely touching her skin.  I’d feel the quick breath she would take, feel her press her hips closer to mine, and I’d think, “Oh yes, this is what it’s like to have a girl again…”

She reaches the car and opens the passenger door, but just before she climbs inside she gives me a quizzical look, having seen me watching at her, no doubt.  I smile and shake my head.

And the words to an old song come to me: “Are you gonna be my girl?”