Wanton Wednesday – Force Fed

I laughed a little the other day when I saw the Fetlife safety police jump all over some woman that asked about forced inebriation of her slave.  “Get a good lawyer!” one said. “I can’t believe you could be so irresponsible,” said another. “A recipe for date rape!” yet another cried.

For Christ’s sake, people–get a grip.

W has force-fed me wine more than once, and I love it. Yes, because it’s just wrong.  And yes, because there is that non-consensual element to it–he’s forcing me to a state where I’m not in control enough to give “true” consent.  So?  I gave up that kind of moment-to-moment consent a long time ago.

He’s force-fed me other things as well.  He’s forced me to lick his cock clean of my own blood after he’s fucked me and of his piss after he’s used the toilet. He’s made me clean his cock, toys and fingers after he’s shoved them inside of me–both my ass and pussy.  I’m not sure why it’s so hot to me that he makes me do this, except that I really really don’t want to.  It’s dirty, and it’s disgusting–and yet, I do it. I take whatever dirty appendage he offers into my mouth and I lick and suck it clean, no matter how I choke and gag.  But when I’m done, and he cups the back of my head in his hand or brushes the hair back off my cheek, I forget all about being disgusted.  I’m his, and that’s enough.

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Wanton Wednesday – Blue

Now for something lighthearted…

Cowgirl in a Blue "Dress"

We were fooling around, trying to work out ideas for a blue “dress” made of rope. I had originally planned to wear something like this on the cruise on “blue night” but ended up wearing this red dress…

The Boys and I in red and blue

…that Ad had bought me for Christmas for the cruise, and that I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to wear yet, instead.  It actually ended up being a really nice contrast to their gorgeous blue shirts. (Damn my guys clean up well, don’t they?)

(Okay, okay, it wouldn’t be a Jaded Wanton Wednesday if I left it completely vanilla, would it? There might be a click-thru somewhere…)

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Wanton Wednesday – Two-Fisted

I’m bad.  And no, not as in that “oh no I am such a bad girl!” way, you pervs, but as in I promised myself I was going to keep notes, and maybe even post, daily about my cruise adventures, and…I completely dropped the ball. Didn’t write a SINGLE WORD while I was gone. Didn’t even OPEN MY LAPTOP except to charge my phone and look at pics on the way home.

Yeah, I’m lame.

So basically, nothing happened.

Oh wait, there are some pictures of a couple things we did.  And I do have some vague memories…

Maybe I can pull a few together.  Enough to give you a couple of mental snapshots of the fun we had. Because fun was had.

And okay, I am bad in that other way too.  Here’s one cruise pic that proves it.

Say hello to The Boys...

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Wanton Wednesday – Options

This past weekend, as I mentioned yesterday, we spent at a weekend bondage intensive. One of the end results of that was that we did several suspensions, with Ad doing most of the rigging and W spotting. Unfortunately W’s camera would not cooperate, so we only got a couple shots, and those not terribly good ones, but you can see below one of the ones we did.

It was fun, as was the swing-style suspension and the puppet suspension (which was actually a bit of fear play for me.) But…as I’ve said…just hanging around doesn’t make much of a scene for me. Of course this wasn’t actually a  scene, they were just trying the harness and Ad’s rigging out. The chest harness was amazingly comfortable, and with the hip tie it was even more so. In experimenting though, I found that having my arms pulled back tight helped even more. “Higher,” I said, and “higher, higher…” until I was arched up, pulled up like a bowstring.  I loved it.  And I realized that I could possibly do a hang that I had seen before: a completed “O” with my hands tied to my ankles or heels and my hair in a taut line back to them. Now that would make it interesting.

Another option became evident quickly as well.  As I tipped my heels back towards my ass, it made my my legs pop open beautifully. I spread them wide, and imagined Ad or W behind me, rocking against me, fucking me in the air.  I’ve never been fucked in full suspension before (W has fucked me in a hang against his wall, but not like this.) And this position was comfortable enough that I could maybe actually stand it for the kind of hard fucking my guys like to give me.  Mmmhmm, there were possibilities here.

Click thru for another option, in a different kind of suspension, courtesy of W.

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Wanton Wednesday – New Shoes

It’s almost always W that christens my new shoes.  He’s the one I buy them for, after all.  While Ad appreciates a good “leg” and enjoys seeing me strut around in my heels, he’d as soon see me in fuzzy slippers or barefoot.  As for fucking me in heels, well, he’ll do it if they don’t come off quick enough, or if I happen to be in them when he “wants some,” but he’s never asked me keep them on while he fucks me.  And sleep in heels?? Never…

Til the other night.

New shoes. Me doing a crossword puzzle in my cute panties and new silver heels.

He comes to bed after taking that picture and I continue to puzzle through my puzzle–

–for about five minutes before he grabs me, pushing the pad of paper out of the way and tossing my pencil aside, lifts me up and lays me, shoes and all, on top of him.  There was a brief tussle, with me playfully resisting and him grappling with me, til he got my panties off and pushed me down onto his cock, which was standing up like a flagpole.

Still in my shoes.


Awww...matching lizards...

(Shhh…there’s a click thru.  Go on, do it.  You know you wanna…)

But the best part? Laying in bed afterward, I didn’t wanna take my heels off. So I didn’t.  I slept in them all night. Apparently Ad liked it, because the next morning he woke me up with yet more lovin’…until I jabbed him in the shin.  “Hey!” he said.  “I’m not W. I don’t have to make sacrifices. Take off the heels!”


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Wanton Wednesday – Sex as a Weapon

The other day I talked about when he uses sex as a tool.  Just another implement in his arsenal of toys, something to drive me into the space he wants me to go, to subjugate me, to make me that small, mindless, used girl at his feet.

It’s an effective tool.

On our second day at the cabin, he took it a step further. He used sex as a weapon.

I don’t think he intended to do what he did, at first. It was supposed to be a “pretty picture.” The classic (and perhaps cliche) spreadeagle. It was hard to resist though–the iron bedstead was meant to have a girl tied spreadeagle to it.

The plan was, a quick tie, a pretty picture or two, and then move on to more…interesting…things.  Things like the dragon’s tongue that he got out, very casually, after taking some pictures.  I cringed every time I saw it in his hand.  I was a bit…exposed that way.  There would be no getting my legs closed to protect myself against that wicked weapon.

He never used the dragon’s tongue on me.  But soon I wished for the ability to close my legs, to protect myself, dragon’s tongue or not.

Heh. I just realized I made an unintended connection.  Because he certainly did use a tongue on me.  A “demon’s” tongue though. ;-)

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really love cunnilingus. It’s too…passive…for me.  Too much like servicing me, which doesn’t do a thing for my headspace.  And ok, I’ll admit it, I’m also a bit…anxious about a man being down there.  Chock it up as another of those bodily functions issues, but I am never quite sure that men actually like to be doing that me.  The fact that I love to do it to another woman myself? Doesn’t make a difference. I am always sure that they must be getting bored, worrying about odor or taste or whatever.

So of course, that’s what he did.   That’s what anyone would do to a girl lying tied spreadeagle on a bed, right?  I mean, that’s what I would do.

But there was nothing passive about this. He attacked me with the ferocity of a cannibal, tearing, biting and sucking at my rings, my flesh, my lips and my clit until I came, and came, and came again, convulsing against the ropes, gasping, crying out loud enough to disturb the innkeepers. Until I was exhausted and trembling and trying desperately to twist away from his assault on me.  Because that is what it was.  An assault.  And he kept at it, switching from soft licks and teasing swipes with his tongue to devouring my rings and pulling on my labia until I was sure he’d pull them right out.  At one point he thrust his tongue inside me and licked the inside of my cunt before thrusting his tongue like a miniature cock in and out of me. I came, again, surprised at the pleasure this brought.  And again as he rubbed his beard-roughened chin against my clit, rubbing me raw with it.

Finally, I begged him to stop.  My cunt was swollen and red and so so raw. Getting “eaten” no longer seemed like a euphemism.

He used to claim that his definition of sex is that actual intercourse–fucking–has to take place. I think I have convinced him of the error of his ways about that, but even if I hadn’t, I think even he would admit that what he was doing was fucking me.

Raping me with his mouth.

Using sex as a weapon.

As he untied me though, he said the most amazing thing.  “Wow, I loved that,” he said. “I’d forgotten how much I like to eat a girl out.”  I was abashed–and filled with the sweetest, most exultant joy.

“Hey Mikey, he likes it!”


PS–there’s a click thru for the whole view if you care to look. :-)

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Wanton Wednesday – Results

It seems like all I have time for lately is to post Wanton Wednesday’s.  And those I can’t even get to on time. Well, if this is all I am posting, I guess I can make them good.

This is from this past weekend.  Actually the “grand finale,” so to speak. We got home and decided, after an entire weekend of bondage and sex, that we had one more in us.  I think we saved the best for last.

Waiting patiently.
From the back.
No longer waiting.

~Click thru for the result~

God I love throat fucking. Gagging and spitting and a hand in my hair shoving me down onto his cock. Feeling so utterly helpless and used. I love it more when he unties me and is so worked up he can’t help himself, he pushes me back and fucks me, right there on the floor, shoving into me until, with a groan, he spills himself into me, his hand still in my hair, gripping so tightly my hair hurts the next day.

Yay for mini vacations!


Wanton Wednesday – Valentine's W's Way

I missed last week’s Wanton Wednesday, but didn’t want to miss this one since I have some new pics to share from a photo shoot I did with a local photographer and good friend of mine, C-D.  You can see his portfolio here.  He really does some amazing stuff, making me feel beautiful and…sensual…in a way that I have never before in front of a camera. Thanks, C-D!

Anyway, we did a series of shots in different poses with a “Valentine” theme, some kind of kinky, others more of the boudoir/sensual variety. This is one of the the latter.

Photography by C-D of DarkNamelessOne Photography

For fun (and because we are who we are, lol) W and I decided to do a complementary set of pictures: Valentine’s W’s Way. Click through for an “after” photo of our version of the session above. I’ll be featuring the “during” pics of that session, plus others, later!

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Wanton Wednesday – New Pretties

I hurt myself today.  Well, I got myself hurt a week ago, when I (rather impetuously) decided to get 4 new piercings (2 sets) to accompany the 3 sets in my inner labia that I already have. That’s ten total!  It wasn’t actually impetuous, I had been thinking and talking about it since W had gone out of town in November, and Ad says he knew it was coming. Only W was surprised when I called him Tuesday night and said, “Let’s get my new piercings done tomorrow.” Ha.

Anyway. Courtney didn’t have the right size rings for my new piercings, so we had to do some shifting around and make creative use of the rings I do have. We ended up placing 1 ring across each of the 3 sets of sealed holes that are in the center (the new piercings are at the top and the bottom of the old.) The result of this was that it effectively created a chastity device–sealing me up! I think W was shocked at how well it worked–I could barely work a finger inside myself once I was sealed shut! And okay…good thing, too. Last time we waited about, oh, 48 hours before he braved the steel gates of my ring fortress.

This time…has been a bit different.

I think he’s been surprised at how much he enjoys torturing me this new way.

Meanwhile, today, I finally gave in and masturbated.


Click thru to see my rings in all their glory. ;-)

Do you feel like sometimes you want to be a little more than just half naked? A bit more than just slightly suggestive? For the weeks you want to play with the wicked & wanton crowd, feel free to join us on Wednesdays.

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