Microfantasy Monday

Linking from Thursday’s Child’s blogpost “Microfantasy Monday” I found The Sweltering Celt and the original meme here.  So I decided, what the heck, everyone needs a little micro fantasy now and then, right?  The theme is travel…

We have five hours of travel to go.  He’s driving, I am settled into the passenger seat.  We talk for a while about everyday things, the miles sliding past.  I shift in my seat as silence falls between us.  Sneak a peak at his face; relaxed, thinking about driving no doubt, not prepared for what I am about to tell him.  I clear my throat.  He looks over me inquiringly.  I can feel myself blush, shake my head.  Nothing.  I think about what I’ve been reading and feel myself blush deeper.  I close my eyes, imagine being the girl in that book…his hands on my hips, pulling me back, stroking the velvet skin of my ass.  His knees hard beneath my abdomen, my thighs against his calves, my knees touching the cold floor.  And then, his hand, coming down, over and over on my ass… I shiver.  He looks over at me again.

“Baby,” I say, “I have something to tell you…something I want to try when we get to Nashville…”

First try!  Now to go post on The Sweltering Celt .   Thanks for the great idea! 


  1. kyle says:

    Awesome.. yeah, I’ve been there, sitting in the passenger seat, letting my mind wander.. and where does it usually wander? heh heh

    Aren’t you hooked on MM now?

    1. piecesofjade says:

      @kyle: Thanks! Some of my best stories come from those “mind wanderings”… :-) And yes, I believe I am hooked. ;-)

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