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Most times I write about my own experience, because that’s what I know best, and honestly, this is oftentimes the way I process the things that I do, that I allow to be done to me.  Even as I am baring my soul (and other parts) here for the cyberworld to see, I am wending my way through my own psyche, trying to find answers to questions of my own about what it is I do.  Occasionally, however, I like to point out other’s writings or thoughts that especially move me, that inspire, alarm or make me think.

One of the blogs I follow is Pandora Blake, an articulate, outspoken spanking model and writer in the UK, and recently she wrote in this post about being asked to write a guest column on Heresy Corner.  I’d never heard of Heresy Corner before, but it has quickly becomes one of my faves.  In the column she discusses a new law in the UK regarding “violent pornography,” and while that doesn’t affect me directly here in the US, I can see the same attempts at censorship happening here, soon, if they aren’t already.  Whatever your stance on that topic, though, what really struck me is how intelligently & coherently she talks about kink and WIITWD.  She is an inspired (and inspiring) writer, and I urge you to check out her blog and the article she wrote on Heresy Corner.

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  1. Tiggs says:

    Ah, yes, the joys of censorship, lol. Such a hot topic and even within the folds of our own individual “kinks” there are many views. Good to see such a pertinent post!

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