He slides one hand under my ass and pulls me around toward him, positioning himself between my legs.  His hands are warm on my thighs, holding my legs open as he first blows on the sensitive skin there, in my inner thighs, then kisses it, small, soft kisses that barely touch the skin.  I wriggle and sigh; he holds me tighter. He continues teasing me, I push my hips up toward him.  I look down at him to see him looking up at me over the mound of my pubis and belly.  He’s grinning, the fucker.  He chuckles when he catches me looking at him.  I pout.

“Please?” I say.  He nibbles gently at my inner thighs some more, totally ignoring the place I really want him to go.  “Please…!”  This last comes out as a gust of air as his tongue darts out and stabs at my clit, then darts away just as quickly.

I reach out and pull his head towards me.  He chuckles again and gives in, pressing his mouth completely on me, licking me from the very bottom of my lips all the way up to my clit, taking a moment to grab the ring gently in his teeth and give it a tug, before going back down the length of my slit.  I am electrified; I pant, I moan, and he has barely begun.  But as he continues, my mind wanders to another time he was eating pussy…and it wasn’t mine.  I writhe and moan as I imagine him now, holding her legs open, his mouth fastened on the tan, smooth mound of her cunt…

It was the morning after the unValentine’s Day Party.  We had all slept in W’s bed, W, me, the New Girl and A.  I don’t always sleep well in the morning, especially in a new place/situation, so I got up and left them there so as not to disturb them.  Also…I wanted to give her to them to play with, and them to her.  I have had the incredible pleasure of both my men at once, and I wanted her to experience that too, or at least have the opportunity for it if they all chose.  And choose they did.

I had gone downstairs for awhile to give them some privacy, but soon, book in hand, I came back upstairs.  I had to know what was going on…

I laid on the couch in the center room, the one that separates the bondage room from his bedroom.  They were in W’s bed just on the other side.  I deliberately laid so my head was at the open doorway, tho I couldn’t see through the doorway unless I leaned far out over the end of the couch and looked in.  I did do that…once, unable to help myself as she began to moan and whimper, as I heard “please” and panting breaths…and saw A there between her legs, heard the sounds of him eating her, saw his hands on her thighs, holding her open…  But mostly I couldn’t see them, just heard them in the room next to me.   And the sounds, god, the sounds of my lovers making love…that is something I have always always loved.  It is hugely erotic for me.

I could no longer even pretend to be reading.  I slipped my hand under the long, silky nightgown W had allowed me to wear to bed that night.  I slid a piece of the cloth over my mound and my lips, relishing the feel of the cool silk, enjoying the moment of hesitation before I would actually touch my skin…

That hesitation only lasted a moment though.  As her sounds became more frantic, I couldn’t hold back any longer.  I was already so aroused that my inner thighs were slick with my excitement.  I stroked my fingers lightly over my clit, wanting to savor my arousal, wanting to prolong it.  I pushed a finger into my cunt and brought my juice up to taste myself, imagining it was I between her legs, tasting her sweetness, plunging my tongue inside her, sucking on her, causing her to make those sounds.  My hips bucked as, unable to help myself, I began stroking my clit harder, pushing and rubbing, bringing my wetness up to make myself slippery, the way I like.  I imagined my mouth filled with her, and the sounds she was making were ones I was drawing out of her.  She pushed her pussy into my mouth, she grabbed me by the hair, I held her thighs open and suckled her cunt, suckled and licked.  Suddenly, she was coming, making high squealing sounds and moans as she did and so was I–coming that is.  My sound was more of a shout though: W commented on the fact that he had heard me coming in the other room as she did in his bed.  Wow, simultaneous orgasms work even from a distance.

Here, now, with A between my legs again, it is that image that have in my mind: him between her legs, his mouth on her.  And then, just as easily, the image changes to another night with her.  Only this time it is me between her legs.  She and I and A are in our bed.  He tells me, just as I had imagined he would do, that he wants me to taste her, as he has.  I’ve been waiting for this since I met her.  Since before I knew that it was okay to want her.  Wanting to taste her, to touch her, so badly…

She is sweet, and so so wet.  And she makes the most delicious sounds–for me, this time.  And as A licks me, I remember the taste and feel of her.  He stops suddenly to kiss me, and I remember the taste of myself on her mouth, later that night, after she had tasted me for the first time.  When he lowers his mouth back to my pussy, the tastes and images and sounds–because now I am making those high-pitched squealing sounds, now it is me begging “please, please”–all mix up in my mind.  I am coming, and so is she, and so is he.  He is making me come, and I am making her come, and she is making me come, and he is making her come.  Images and sounds swirling and tumbling around; a beautiful kaleidoscope.

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