I spent four days in sunny North Florida, and five days before that sick almost-to-death with strep throat. Not a lot of kink–or any sex–going on in my life the past week or so.

Then I got home, visited W, and then got nicely fucked by the SO, and all was right in my world again.

It started at W’s, with rope and heels and suction-cup thingies on my breasts and then on my clit, his fingers on me and in me, his mouth on me, him taking pictures and me moaning and writhing against his hand, his cock hard and thick in my mouth when he finally let me at him…

And ended with me begging A to squeeze and pinch and pull my poor sore breasts this morning before he pushed me over to take me from behind, his hands on my hips, first with my legs apart so I could touch myself, and then with them closed, the better to squeeze him inside me, the feel of his balls slapping my clit ring with every thrust, his panting breaths in my ear, my own slow-building climax.

Travel is lovely, but it’s wonderful to be home.

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