New on APL (and elsewhere…)

Two new posts over at A Poly Life: Of Fog and Safety and my G-rated HNT. Go on over and take a peek. ;-)

Also check out this post about being responsible for your own shit: Just…thinking by Insatiable Desire. I harp a lot on taking responsibility for own issues/problems. It’s a big deal to me, and a huge problem in our society, I believe. If we could each just start at home, with the small things, acknowledging and taking responsibility, maybe that could spread out into society as a whole…

And this, which almost broke my heart (because yanno, I need that right now, PMS-y tears are not enough): Red Sneaker Diaries: Too Hot.

Oh, and more HNTs (in case you missed them):  I LOVE this HNT, for all kinds of’s fun, it’s sexy, and that hint of a grin is just plain sassy: Slingshot HNT. And okay, in keeping with the “Legs” theme, here some others that caught my eye: Miss Dementia, Northern Lights and Sleepless Nights (with fishnets! yumm!) and one sexy librarian!

And, for those romantics, take the time to read this post (before checking out the sexy pics!) HNT and Renewing Our Vows.

Ok, that’s it for now.


  1. Oh, after reading some of your older posts, you are a naughty girl ;) I love it!! I will be coming back!!

    1. piecesofjade says:

      Welcome to my world. ;-) And yes, you could say that!

  2. Drew G says:

    Great Blog — Just discovered you through Bad Bad Girls HNT. I would love to work with you if are interested at all. Either way keep up the great work !! Email anytime.

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