HNT & Writing

I almost forgot!  I have a new HNT up over on A Poly Life.  One of the many reasons I love to run…and wear 5 inch heels…

Oh!  And another piece of writing on Eden Cafe: So You Want to Go to a Kink Convention, a primer for newcomers to all the kinky fun that can be had at a big kink event.

I’ve been having so much fun writing for them, and now I’ve saved up enough writing dinero to get a new toy!  I’ve been having lovely fun with my glass buttplugs, but I am thinking of trying some stainless steel. Not the least reason of which is that, as ya’ll know, W likes an Industrial Girl, and what could be more industrial than having stainless steel shoved up your ass?  Pfun or Pure Plug, which should I choose?

Too bad they don’t carry anal hooks.

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