Eden Cafe

I’m sure many of you know that I write occasionally for Eden Cafe (if you don’t, hop over there and check out my author profile, or my latest article, “My Boyfriend’s Closet.”) I’ve got a banner up for it over there in my sidebar, and I mention my writings here every so often, but I’ve never really talked about Eden Cafe itself in my blog.

What is Eden Cafe? Eden Cafe is the blog community for EdenFantasys.com, an internet sex toy retailer. I found it when a fellow blogger started a gig as an editor there. I took a peek at the site and found that I really enjoyed its mixture of news, reviews, blogs, sex & relationship talk. Eventually I ended up writing an article for their Word of the Week section (one of my first was the word “twat”, which is amusing as I just got done seeing Pirate Radio at the theater, in which one of the main characters is named Mr. Twat. Since he is British, it is pronounced with the long “a” as in “hat,” a pronunciation I remarked upon in my WotW. Anyway, I digress.)

So why all this now about Eden Cafe? Well, they have a contest going over there, and the prize is one of those most coveted of toys, the stainless steel Pfun, Pure Plug or Fun Wand. And I’ve been wanting one of those for awhile now. The only reason I didn’t buy one yet is because I haven’t been able to decide which to get. Well, the only reason before this contest. Now I am waiting to see if I win one!

So hop on over there and check out the contest, or even if you don’t dig contests, check out the site. There’s a lot going on there that I think you’ll enjoy.

Eden Cafe

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