HNT – Hand

I was looking through my pictures for something else and ran across this old pic.  Well, it’s a little over a year old, so that’s not old, but the fact that W takes so many pics makes this one seem ancient! Anyway, I just like it.  That’s Ad’s hand, and that greasy-looking shine? It’s Icy-Hot or some such. Oh, and the mark is from a wooden spoon.

I’ve more of Ad’s hands doing another of his favorite things over on A Poly Life…

Now go check out the rest of the HNT parade over at Osbasso’s!


  1. Petal says:

    Wow, a wooden spoon? who would have thought! HHNT!

  2. OW! That’s all I could think when I looked at this picture… and Icy Hot on that mark? Double ow!

    1. piecesofjade says:

      Actually the stuff didn’t do anything for me, good or bad. My bum was so toasty warm and feeling goooood… (grin)

  3. Vixen says:

    Ouch.. But looks super hot!

  4. Sage says:

    wot woot he tore it up, atta boy!

  5. Emmy says:

    There is something powerful about his hand on your ass – it’s size in comparison, the contrast of red. I like it! :)

  6. BFD says:

    well now…..

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