Wanton Wednesday – What I Want

I thought I’d poke back in my picture files for a picture that epitomizes the way I want to feel, the need and craving I am feeling, and I found this.

It was a long afternoon of hard play, of a hood and ball gags, rope and pokie things and canes, but this picture, on my knees, hands tied behind my back, his hand in my hair, his cock in my throat…well it just sums it all up.

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  1. nice foreground/background to the pic

    hww, babes

  2. Lila says:

    DAMN, that’s sexy. Just wish I could see his cock in your throat… ;)

  3. Aurore says:

    That is a wanton list of wants ;)

  4. mmmm… sexy!!!

    xoxo, Crystal

  5. Coy Pink says:

    Near the top of my list of things I think are hot: a woman kneeling in front of a man, his cock down her throat and his hand entangled in her hair. Lucky you for living that out and lucky us for getting to share a small slice!

  6. deviantsub says:

    Amazing pic, no need to say anything more. ;)

  7. SapioSlut says:

    Finding the perfect image that captures your needs – yay you! I love the focus on his hand in your hair…the rest is detail for exploring.

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