Wanton Wednesday – Grip

I have been working all week on a new post for W.  This is a “command performance”: W assigned me the task of writing about an event that happened while we were in Chicago.  He had invited an acquaintance of his to our hotel room and allowed him to use me.  And use me he did, in every way imaginable, while W took pictures (and occasionally participated.) Unfortunately for you, my lovely, faithful readers and friends, most of that post will probably be for his eyes only, for reasons I may expound upon at a later date.  But I think that I may bring tidbits of it out here, to use as Wanton Wednesday fodder and fuel, for the next several weeks.

This, then, is the first installment:

~click thru to see what the other hands were gripping~

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  1. Gripping hard, it seems! Sounds like it was quite an experience.

    xx Dee

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