Wanton Wednesday – W’s Choice: Heels & Stairs

I almost always post pictures that have meaning to me, or that I find erotic or evocative, or that I think will please W to see featured in a Wanton Wednesday.  From now on, every so often, I am going to post pictures that W chooses.  It may surprise you, after having read the things that he does to me, what he finds erotic…it may surprise me, too.

This is his first submission.

Heels on the StairsI thought it would be nice to let W tell you in his own words why he finds the images he picks alluring…erotic…wanton.

He says:

a) It’s obvious – Stairway to Heaven.

b) I love the the way the curve of the high heels compliments and extends the curve of her legs. And the fact that the stairs lead to the bedroom isn’t lost on me either.

Not only does he have a way with all the nasty things he does to me, he also has a way with words! :-)

The Wanton Wednesday blog isn’t up this week, so I’ll be updating this space as I happen to run across other Wanton folks.  If you’ve posted one and don’t see a link here, email me at piecesofjade at gmail dot com and I’ll add your link here.

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  1. Clive says:

    LOL – Stairway to Heaven popped into my head too – before I read W’s reasons :)

  2. KaziGrrl says:

    Would that we could actually find each other this Wanton Wednesday… something’s up with Lily’s feed I think :s

    I agree, I think W nailed it… you should let him choose more often! ;)

  3. Molly says:

    I think W has great taste and I think you have shoes that I want…LOL


  4. W definitely has good taste.

    This is so damn sexy. But subtle.

  5. Beautiful shoes complimenting beautiful legs. I can see why he likes this pic!

    xx Dee

  6. Catharine says:

    I love the photo, and you have fabulous legs!

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