A Week

W said the other day, “You know, I think I’ve finally got you figured out. You’re right, you’re pretty easy. Beat you weekly and you’re happy.”

Yup, have truer words ever been spoken? All I need is to get beat-up & fucked-up at least once a week. :-D

It’s um…been about a week.

I’m starting to get twitchy. A little bit mouthy. Reading thru past posts, looking at pictures…feeling the need.

Found this in a previous post (The Joy of Sucking Cock):

And during a day of being caned, fucked, snarled at, face-fucked and finally, having him piss in my mouth, W actually came twice in my mouth, inside of about an hour. I can’t take credit for that, though. That was all him, as he dragged me by my hair from face down on his desk, where he was caning me, to my knees to suck his cock, and back up again to the desk, over and over. By the end I was nearly incoherent, just an open, wet mouth hole with no thought or premeditation on my part to “make him come.” But when he did…oh my god it was so fucking hot I could have cried. Or come. Or both.

And…yeah. That. That’s what I want.

It’s been about a week. I’m ready to get fucked-up again.


  1. severin says:

    Oh god I know that feeling. Maybe not quite in need of the same actual acts (hey I’m a straight guy) but the need to just be fucked up, beaten and damn well used.
    Yeah, about once a week. I’m with you there sister.
    sev xx

  2. Then be…petulant with whom will satisfy your needs.

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