The Weekend

It started on Thursday, with a trip to a strip club “fetish night,” and ended Sunday with a hike to do research on a location for a “Sex in St. Louis” story I am working on.

Because I don’t have time for much else right now, the weekend in bullet-points:

  • Thursday was spent in rope, with my arms secured behind my back the entire night.
  • Which rope W used to haul me around, caning me repeatedly on my ass, thighs and breasts.
  • Played hooky from work Friday and went to lunch with W wearing my new “Awareness Harness” as he calls it:
  • Friday night W and I completed a Picture Request in my red boots, long black gloves, some rope and a ball gag, and with lots of implements chosen by me.
  • Saturday we slept in til noon (accidentally!) then Ad came over and we did another Picture Request, this one with both Guys, a bit of rope, and two hard cocks in my ass.
  • Later the Guys tied me up and two-timed me with whips & canes till I collapsed – in laughter.
  • Saturday night, after a thorough ass-fucking & beating, they took me to dinner, bruised and rug-burned and dressed like a hooker in a too-short skirt, black stockings with no panties and 5 inch red heels.
  • That night I slept tangled in their arms and legs, then woke Sunday morning to sweet sex with Ad and less-sweet sex with W.

Today I am dropping a bit, tired and bruised. But happy.

More – including the Picture Request posts mentioned above – to come.


  1. Quite a weekend you had…

  2. SamIAm says:

    The “Awareness Harness” looks interesting? Is it just a crotch strap or are there insertables or other things in play?

    1. piecesofjade says:

      This version is just a narrow strap that fits (relatively unobtrusively) between my rings/lips. He has other versions planned however that might not be as “nice.”

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