Sinful Sunday – Assisted Yoga

Sometimes, he likes to be helpful.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, after a long, delicious weekend. I wanted to practice my yoga poses. He offered to “help.”

But of course he always has to make things a little challenging.

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Sinful Sunday


  1. Georgia says:

    I LOVE this idea sugar! I yoga every day ( or at least as ‘every day’ as I can manage) Maybe it’ll inspire Jay to attempt the same concept…lol MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Coming to ABQ any time soon?

    1. piecesofjade says:

      Wish I could! LOVE NM. Who knows…maybe I’ll drive back to see the son in Spokane, and go the LONG way…lol.

  2. Nan A says:

    The first one in particular is gorgeous! Why didn’t I ever think of yoga and rope together? Beautiful pose, Jade, made more beautiful by W’s work.

    1. piecesofjade says:

      LOL…that was exactly WHY I thought of yoga when I knew I had to take a PE class. And every single time I go to class, as she is bending us and manipulating our bodies and having us pose, I am thinking…”hmmm…he could do this, and this and that…” And better yet is when I get home and show off all my new poses that I’ve learned…and I see his eyes light up that certain way. ~grin~

  3. kazigrrl says:

    LOL How helpful of him! Love these, especially the second picture :D

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. That does look like a challenge! Beautiful shots! Excellent rope work!

  5. Molly says:

    How amazingly helpful of him. I am sure he was very pleased with himself for being so thorughtful ;)


  6. He definitely was very helpful! Nice photo’s :)

  7. Slut says:

    Ah! It is so crazy that you decided on this as Master and I have also been working on a yoga binds, bondage binds photo series! Yours is so lovely! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

    1. piecesofjade says:

      We just did another one this weekend: W’s take on Buddha under his tree. lol

      1. Slut says:

        I can’t wait to see the updated series; how zen! I’ve been formulating some thoughts for my blog about yoga being very good for a submissive’s patience. This is very beautiful, and my Master is quite impressed with the ropework! He wonders from where the chain is suspended…
        xoxo, Slut

    2. piecesofjade says:

      W has his ceiling rigged for suspension, and the chains hang from there.

  8. Mistress Mia says:

    Loving the variation of Gomukhasana!!!!

    Om Namah Shivaya

    ~Mia~ xx

  9. You tempt me to attempt yoga – purely for the ‘assistance’!

    xx Dee

  10. Tabitha says:

    You look absolutely beautiful! (I could say it’s the rope, but that’s hardly flattering enough.) ;)

    There’s something wonderful about the look of a woman tied marionette-style.

  11. CaraSutra says:

    A great picture, love bondage and shibari. Beautiful x

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