Wanton Wednesday – Sass

I was feeling sassy the other night, which is a surprise, since I’d just had this scene with the Guys. What the hell, I guess a good ass-fucking fills me with more than…um…what I got filled with.

So they took me upstairs and beat the sass out of me.
Red butt!
Or thought they did.
Ya got more?

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Wanton Wednesday


  1. KaziGrrl says:

    LOL Love those looks of pure mischief ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Molly says:

    The look on your face is priceless… did they keep going until it was finally gone though?


  3. Your facial expression, especially in the final shot, is incredible, and very worthy of the “wanton” label. Absolutely gorgeous and sexy.

  4. Slut says:

    Haha, I love your photo montages, Jade! You are sassy and adorable!
    xoxo, Slut

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