One Last Writer Round-Up on the Blog Tour (Including My Own Submission!)

I got to be the last featured Voyeur Eyes Only author of the blog tour, with my post A Voyeur to My Own Life, appearing over on Lisabet Sarai’s Beyond Romance blog. In it I talk about the fact that yes, most of my “fiction” comes directly from my own, real-life experiences. Go check it out! :-)

And here’s the rest of the round-up:

March 1 – I.G. Frederick over on Sexy Reads

Feb 29 – Essemoh Teepee at Hazel Nuts

Feb 28 – Cecelia Tan on Gemma Parkes

Feb 27 – Dominic Santi at Book Reviews and More by Kathy

(See Inside a Writer’s Mind – Authors of “Voyeur Eyes Only” Speak and Living in the Discomfort Zone (and More Vegas Authors Speak Out) for the others.)

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