Bad Blogger Confesses

I’ll just admit right now  that I have been a Bad Blogger. (Holding out my hand to have it slapped.) So many updates, so much good going on, and I haven’t said a word. :-(


Seriously though…I have been crazy busy & blissed out with family, Ad, W, life, work, and play for the past 4 days or so that I’ve hardly had time to even think about putting anything down on paper. Er, in pixels. Good good good stuff, though! After the stresses and anxieties of the week before, I totally need to update ya’ll.

And I will. Promise. There will be mention of:

  • A kitty that got what she deserved
  • A new chair purchase
  • The test-run of a new toy
  • Letters D & E
  • A special dual Scavenger Hunt
  • Some wrap-up to the Journeys posts…

…and much more.  But meanwhile, up next, I’ll be posting a Picture Request from some time ago.

Watch this space!

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  1. Julian Arancia says:

    You’ve been bad enough, I don’t think it’s your hand you should be putting out to be slapped. :)

    It’s good to hear things are perking up for you.


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