Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #4 – A Do-Over & Success!

Success!  Here’s my initial failure.

The Guys made me try again once I got back to the car.  I actually kind of whined about it. I had tried, I had failed. On to the next thing, right?  But no, they were determined that I should succeed at the challenge set before me…

I was actually afraid W might make me use the Njoy in my ass…the side with the balls is made for that sort of play, and I’ve never used it like that (or had it used on me – more’s the pity.) (How many times does a girl got to hint?) ;-) But he let me use it in my cunt, which the curved side is made perfectly for.
I actually tried with my hand first, but…no “joy.” My head was not in the right place (“I gotta poo!” was still ringing in my ears.)
So W relented and let me use Baldy.
That did the trick.
And after, as a bonus, I was so sensitive that when I put my hand back down there, I came again with the Njoy giving me a powerful g-spot orgasm as well.
I love my Njoy! (And the Guys for making me do a do-over.) ;-)

PS – There might be a bonus click-thru. :-D


  1. Magenta says:

    Is Baldy battery powered?

    1. piecesofjade says:

      Nope, he’s electric. We have an adapter thing for the car that I use for my laptop. Surprise surprise – it also works for baldies. ;-)

  2. Good to see you getting this one crossed off before arriving at the hotel. Love the bonus!

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