Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #6

As promised, the last of the orgasms inspired by the 6×6 Matrix Picture Request. Read about the rest here:  Orgasm #1, Orgasm #2, Orgasm #3, Orgasm #4 (Fail), Orgasm #4 (Success) and Orgasm #5.

Orgasm #6

1. 6 orgasms in one day – #6

2. 6 different hours of the day – 8:14 PM

3. 6 different locations – Hotel room, Memphis

4. 6 different positions – On my hands and knees, with one knee up on the coffee table

5. 6 different masturbation toys – Favorite wooden dildo

6. 6 different kink accessories – Special nipple clamps

By the time we got to the hotel, I was pretty exhausted. Six hours of orgasms may sound like a lot of fun but…

Okay, it is a lot of fun. But exhausting! I wasn’t even sure I had another one in me.

“Oh yeah, you got another one in you,” W said. And he set up the scene.

One leg up on the coffee table in the center of the hotel room.
I chose my favorite wooden dildo. It needed a little “fluffing” to get it up. ;-)
Special clamps that W made. They are actually quite nice. I love the firm pressure they provide. Also? They are kind of pretty. In a woodshop project sort of way.
I got down to business.
Working it…
Another success!

Apparently, I did have another one in me.

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  1. MrM says:

    You always look like you’re having so much fun- that’s what’s sexy

  2. Soom says:

    such a wonderful picture request with a fantastic final photo set – I really like your red heels!



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