Just another miscellaneous update

I freaking LOVE summer hours. One of the nice things about my work is that they acknowledge that, while they can’t pay the most (being a non-profit) there are other ways to show their staff that we matter and are appreciated. A very generous Paid Time Off policy, fully paid medical benefits, getting to work from home one day a week and summer hours – we only have to work a half day on Fridays – are some of those ways.

So yesterday, at 12:30, I was out at the pool, reading, soaking up the sun, and just being decadent.  Well, as decadent as one can be when you are required to wear swimming apparel in the pool. What’s that about??  Oh wait…I’m not at camp anymore… ~sigh~

I did spend all day in a sarong and nothing else, ala Tryst, since the pseudo father-in-law is gone for the summer, tho. ;-)  But I also had to warn the Missy that during the summer, if she decides to just drop by and walks in without warning, she may see/hear more than she wants to. Thank goodness I realized she had done so and was in the living room yesterday afternoon, because I had just woken up from a nap that Ad and I were taking and was thinking about molesting him, or asking him to molest me. Loudly, with spankings and toys.

So…lots to do before we leave on Wednesday! And since I’ll be at W’s Tuesday night, and have to work Wednesday AM, getting off work just in time to head to the airport, I need to have everything accomplished by Monday night.  I am superwoman! I can do it!

I was grateful not to experience camp drop this time, but I was fuzzy-headed for a few days after, so didn’t get as much done as I should have. Today I am finally feeling myself and fairly energetic, so I may actually get thru my to-do list:

  • Finish & print off Fusion documents – flights, boarding passes, car info, hotel info, directions, schedule
  • Print off packing list
  • Reorganize drawers (summer/winter) so that I can pack for Fusion
  • Pack (the new way that Lizzy suggested)
  • Get something special that I can’t name here b/c W reads it (Jade, meet Bus. I just can’t help myself!)
  • Get Letter J pics from W
  • Post Alphabet Challenge J to Fetlife
  • Finish the ankle jewelry I want to make & maybe the new belly chain
  • Finish and schedule Tryst write-ups, before I have Fusion to cloud my brain

That’s not overly ambitious, I don’t think. But yeah, I better get done here and get started…

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