Sinful Sunday – From the Hotel on the Way to NOLA

I mentioned in this post about the play we did in the hotel on the way to NOLA. This is a picture from that. The reason I like it? W said, when we were looking through the pictures, “Now that’s a fine ass.”

~big, cheesy grin~

Also, pink shoes. Need I say more?

 Check out the rest of the Sinful Sunday Sinners at the link below!

Sinful Sunday


  1. Very fine indeed!

    xx Dee

  2. Molly says:

    W is absolutely spot on with his assessment in my opinion


  3. Jana says:

    I can only agree with W, very fine.. and such delish shoes!

    xoxo Jana

  4. I find this both sexy and hilarious, which is a very odd combination but one I most definitely enjoy.


  5. Mrs JoJo says:

    I need weekends in hotels, like this!

  6. A fine ass indeed :)
    Rebel xox

  7. Blacksilk says:

    Great position for bondage! Love it :)

  8. ladypandorah says:

    Making the most of the unusual surroundings, how wonderful. Great shot, and W’s certainly not wrong.

    LP x

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