Alphabet Challenge – J is for Jeep & Jet

The letter J was proving to be a little problematical. We had a few ideas, but nothing we could pull off effectively or that truly inspired the Guys. Then Ad and I took a walk one day in Forest Park, near the Science Museum, and just happened upon this grounded Blue Angel:

And we had our “J”.

It was a little tricky getting the rope over the tail hook – and doing so without the security cameras at the Science Museum, or any passersby, seeing us, but we managed.

Stop that jet!
Doing my best Vanna White Impression.

We also found an unexpected opportunity for another J while we were packing up camp at Twisted Tryst.

Every hunter wants to take home his prize tied to the hood of his Jeep, right?

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  1. Tim says:

    You are such turn-on. How arousing to see you tied up on the top of the Jeep. Damn….

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