On the mend.

Wow that was a rough few days. But I woke up considerably better today, and then, to my delight, I had an unexpected text message: “You have a delivery at your front door.” Mystified, I opened it to find a bag of bagels on my porch, and the Hypnotist standing a safe distance away by his car. What a wonderful surprise! And even better to get to sit with him (me masked, him far away) on my back patio for a few minutes, until exhaustion overcame me and he ordered me back to bed. But not before he made me squirm and blush, commenting on my panty-less condition. What?! Would I do that? Come out in a short dress and no panties?? Even in my recovering-from-Covid state?

Why yes, yes I would.

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  1. Molly says:

    Glad to hear you are recovering. So far I seemed to have managed to still dodge it.


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